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  1. It seems that focus and selection always follow each other in gridpanel. F.e. when I press up or down key after selecting any row I move both selection and focus. Is there easy way to focus on...
  2. In desktop applications like Explorer you can generally start to type element name (like folder or file) and it became focused. Web browsers implement similar behavior in drop down lists.

    I need...
  3. Keyboard navigation with TAB key. If the modal window is opened you can browse through "locked" elements in the background. I've seen discussion about it on forum but it was old and about ExtJS3 so...
  4. Thanks for the answer, seems useful. But I guess in this case it will be faster to look up elements by css class than to load whole new tab at once.
  5. I create a panel and add it to tabs. I get tab but panel isn't yet rendered. I select panel and onRender works.

    Let's say I want to modify close button on tab someway. How can I do that properly...
  6. FocusManager is turned off so user cycles through control elements with TAB key. User browsers are IE7 and IE8 so I don’t want him to get to browser controls after he presses TAB key while focusing...
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