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  1. Cool thanks

  2. oh, I guess I thought sencaha touch 2 was built using ext js... why would I think that... oh yeah you guys have ext js ALL OVER your site.. ffs...

    Under Examples/forms -...
  3. Hello,
    I am trying to learn sencha touch 2, how do I implement an example?
    For instance, I generated a new project with sencha app create BB ../BB
    I then copied the example for a split drop-down...
  4. I have that in my config.rb, but since I am a newb at sencha touch, the only way I know how to compile the css is with this DOS command:
    sencha app build production

    is there a way to compile sass...
  5. OK, I understand, but aparently the learning curve of sencha touch, compared to zurb foundation and jQuery mobile is much more then I expected. I am in the group of front end developers wondering why...
  6. Why is there over 6,000 lines of commented out css in app.css
    Wouldn't it better to have a page in the docs under css (or scss) about polka dotted backgrounds at what-not.

    Reason I say this is...
  7. Still a 404 error to the link!
  8. OK after some diligent google searching I found out that I missed the last step before building the app and that was adding requires to the blog.js file.

    requires: [
  9. saame chrome browser new error:

    Document was loaded from Application Cache with manifest http://localhost/GS/build/production/cache.manifest
    Application Cache Checking event
    Application Cache...
  10. Chromes Javascript error console reports the following: XMLHttpRequest cannot load file:///C:/xampp/htdocs/GS/build/production/app.json?1349276550125. Cross origin requests are only supported for...
  11. After finally getting my localhost to work as it should, I made it through (almost to the end of the video tutorial getting started. When I gave the DOS Command : sencha app build production
    DOS ran...
  12. Ok, I found the problem...
    In httpd.conf I had set the document root to "C:/xampp/htdocs/sencha-touch" so I changed it to "C:/xampp/htdocs"

    Newbie mistake, but just as frustrating as any...
  13. Hmm... as far as I can tell...
    I navigate to: file:///C:/xampp/htdocs/index.html and I get the "It Works" page.
    When I replace the 'file:///C:/xampp/htdocs/' with 'localhost/'
    it loads up...
  14. Aren't there any Sencha touch experts around?!

    Hard to sell a product when its not user friendly :(
  15. I know this probably has no effect on the error, but does the DOS window play a part in showing the pages?
  16. Object not found!

    is the error I receive when trying to display the GS getting Started page on day 2. Day 1 I generated the GS via DOS window, had localhost/GS showing in Chrome, but it is now...
  17. Hmm think I figured it out on my own, need to be using a browser that is not Firefox, like Chrome or Safari... ugh.
  18. Hello,
    I set up XAMPP environment, ran the command line: generate app GS ../GS
    command line read exactly what the video tutorial shows, yeah!

    But now when I open up app/view/main.js I find I can...
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