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  1. The least he should get is a "Thank You" for doing your job.
  2. For anybody else, including sencha, the fix is below:

    publishValue: function () {
    var me = this;

    if (me.rendered /*&& !me.getErrors().length*/) {
  3. Ok i understand this, but this is not a feature request. Having a BLANK value is different than an invalid value.

    For Example....

    If a user selects an item in a combo box, then deletes it,...
  4. Where does it say that in the docs?

    I didnt see where it said it would use another rows value... If that is intended behavior, I apologize, but a user shouldnt have to prepopulate all record...

    When you click "Add New Record", I am not giving the new record the property "progress", you will see that the progress widget is using the next rows value...
  6. If a proxy has batchAction:false, like the REST proxy, this below code doesnt take that into consideration..

    getBatch: function (sort) { var map =, batch = this.batch,...
  7. getTip : Function
    A function which returns the tooltip string for any row.

    v : ObjectThe value of the column's configured field (if any).

    metadata : ObjectAn object in which you...
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    Ive tried every which way and I cant get this to work.

    Im trying to have a store open up in a window, it is actually an associated store, but lets start...
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    my stores are associated stores from the parent viewmodel,
    when i use links, it triggers a load on each store, even though their data is already available.

    Wasn't this already fixed?
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    Isnt this the point of session.

    Take a record in View A, open View B, and edit that record.

    If you like the changes,, and the changes would now show in View A
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    Doesnt work with record either.
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    this doesnt work either.

    I create a child session, which opens the window.

    If you just click on one of the checkboxes, you see it changed in the...
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    If you click "Change in Session", then you modify the textbox value, it should NOT update the parent. What am I missing here?

    The test is simple.

    Start typing, "ABC".
    You will see below the textfield, a print out of the model

    "stringField": "ABC",
    "id": "SimpleModel-1"
  15. 2 things come out of this..

    1. You should mark on this screen what the Bug number was that fixed it,


    2. Dont waste developers time arguing something that you don't have a clue about....
  16. Tested with latest nightly,all working. Could you show what changes were made for this.
  17. For A drop, this would do the correct behavior, just like an edit.

    var rec=btn.getWidgetRecord();
  18. I do want the information to propogate. Take the following fiddle. on "Remove" for one of the records.Click on Reject Changes (the record reappears!)Click on...
  19. Following your logic here...

    If I add a model to a store, why would that mean that I want the model in any other store?
  20. also, given the source code..

    /** * Remove a record and any references from the session. * @param {} record The record * * @private */ ...
  21. ok, so I just want to clarify the session logic, if you call it that.

    Add To Store ----> Session picks it up.
    Edit from Store ----> Session picks it up
    Remove from Store ----> Session only...
  22. for example

    var me = this,
    vm = me.getViewModel(),
  23. why is it ever in the session then?

    If i did just store.add({}), it would show as an item to update in the session.

    Pretty simple example

    Add a record,
    Click on Reject Changes, you see that the record is removed from the session
    Click on View Session Changes button,...

    if you click on the button, "Enable Panel". it sets the viewmodel variable "panelEnabled"

    the panel below the button has its disabled property set via...
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