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  1. The created regular expression will escape your characters. Provide an actual regular expression if you don't want characters to be escaped.
  2. Thanks for the report, we've opened a bug for this.
  3. Use Ext JS' row expander in Touch? No, the grids are completely different so the plugin will simply not work and will likely throw bunch of errors or do nothing.
  4. I just tried it using Safari (Version 7.1 (9537. and refreshed 5 times and it worked as expected for me. Do you see any javascript errors?

    In Ext.application's launch method is where...
  5. The Touch grid does not have this functionality currently. This means it would be up to the users to implement.
  6. It's in .sencha/app/ directory of your application. This isn't a Sencha Touch issue, it's an issue in Sencha Cmd.
  7. Caused by Cmd:
  8. You could fire a custom event on the menu. Then listen for that event when you create the menu so you can handle it in your navigation view.

    Also, instead of listening to the initialize event, you...
  9. You can use the setRecord method on the form panel and it will set values from the record to the form fields where the names of the form fields match the record fields.
  10. Here is an example:


    Two things I had to change. First, your models need to use the full class names so prefixed your configs with 'app.model'. Next, the data association, had to change it...
  11. The fields in your model, do they match up with the data being returned from localstorage?
  12. There's also nicer ways to say this
  13. You're wanting to drag list items right? That's what that plugin does so that's why I suggested it. If it doesn't do exactly what you want, least you have some source as an example.

    Also, you're...
  14. The automatic inclusion of SASS files is not present in Touch, only in Ext JS apps currently.
  15. Have you seen the Ext.plugin.SortableList class?!/api/Ext.plugin.SortableList
  16. Already reported here:
  17. Already reported here:
  18. There may not be one created if existing solutions don't work in Ext 5. If you need it, you may have to create it yourself.
  19. I'd classify that as a separate issue. Please open a new thread.
  20. Please see our blog on iOS 8 and the top 3 bugs we found (with radar links):
  21. What errors are in the console?
  22. I feel like this isn't a bug and here is my point of view:

    Say you have a store defined as:

    proxy : {....},
    root : {
    expanded : true
  23. Also, nice use of my locale manager code
  24. You need to use the classpath config in app.json for Cmd to know about the path. classpath is a comma-delimited value
  25. 5.0.0 beta the method name was getReference. In 5.0.0 GA it was renamed to lookupReference
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