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  1. hard to do a scren capture but the raw data looks like:

    machines: array(8)

    where machines is a child of the medx routine
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  3. I have a simple one to many case where i have many machines for a routine and the JSON returned from my server looks like:

    now my models are

    Ext.define('gympal.model.machine', {...
  4. check out this link it is pretty impressive demo and the following quote from the author:

    Surely the high-performance animations in this new crop of apps with their multiple parallax effects and...
  5. well they are slowly releasing the bits and I must say the framework is incredible this might be next big thing! It would be great to find a way to meld Sencha and as then with Phonegap or...
  6. yes I installed the latest released version (2.2.1) and all is good .. thanks everyone
  7. this does not work either as the resultant image shows: It seems the framework will not perform this simple task. I will abandon the approach

  8. I like these troubleshooting ideas and tried it but still no joy as now 'Something' appears in my view but NO title.I cannot make this simpler as my code now looks like:

  9. Thanks for the reply as I usually do not get one (pretty lonely on the Sencha forum)! However I had tried this and there is nothing rendered from the Login view. I even put a break point in the...
  10. initially I setup a navigation view with a navbar as follows:

    Ext.define('MyApp.view.NavView', { extend: 'Ext.navigation.View',
    xtype: 'routinesMain',
    requires: ['MyApp.view.Login'],...
  11. this seems like a huge short coming of using dataitem as it is a feature of templates. surely the team can update the backing store when changes are made to the UI
  12. thank you, these are almost the same conclusions that I came to as I am using a store per table and it is working but a lot of work. Too bad Sencha does not clean this up or remove as I wasted to...
  13. I would love to but the option is not present!
  14. continuing saga of my battle with associations, as I posted earlier of my issue in reading a simple one-many relationship in that the child data(many objects) where left in the 'raw' property and not...
  15. in the following model:

    Ext.define('MyApp.model.routine', {
    extend: '',
    config: {

    fields: [
    { name: 'id', type: 'auto' },
  16. I have a simple dataitem that has a textField as one of its components and have a property of my model mapped to that textField. This works great when I populate it from my service but I need to...
  17. looks like the association chain is not followed!!!! I will break up post into 2 till issue is resolved
  18. I have a data structure with many settings per machine and as such models like:

    Ext.define('MyApp.model.machine', { extend: '',
    config: {
    fields: [
  19. it turns out I had been experimenting with draggable and this works fine in Chrome but not IE10 . I wish Sencha would truly support Drag/Drop or remove it
  20. I have a Dataview where I use a component item (turn on useComponents:true) and it looks good in Chrome in 2.2 :

    now when I use IE10 (this is 2.2) the view first looks the same but in a...
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    Turned out the width property in the .camera-list .camera-list-item CSS was being overriden and when I made the property explicit in the class definition the problem went away.
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    have no idea what your response means. my CSS is set in code as I set the base in the listItem's container as follows:

    { xtype: 'dataview',
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    I tried moving a 2.0 app over to 2.2 and failed as the styling of the Ext.dataview.component.DataItem is no longer being applied. In 2.0 my view looks like:


    then in 2.2 it looks like...
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    It appears that some work has been done in Drag/Drop area in 2.2 but Drop appears completely broken. It would seem to me that if Drop was implemented then it would be a config option on a component...
  25. There are actually 2 problems here 1) the whole containing DataView moving was solved by setting the scrollable config on the dataview to false. of course this has huge side-effects but another...
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