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  1. Great! I am just trying to contribute, however minor it may be, via usage and feedback. Will the method fix be available in 3.1? Thanks.
  2. Is the core team aware of this potential bug?
  3. The ArrayStore method getById(String) does not function correctly then as ModuleArray is defined with content. Is this method a known issue or a new bug. Thanks.
  4. I have looked this over for the past hour and can't see what the issue is. I am trying to get the display text of the combo box through its backing store (local). It seems that method...
  5. I don't want method Navigation to be public as it manages the state of a wizard. Here is abbreviated sample code:

    App.UX.Widget = Ext.extend(Ext.Window, {
    initComponent:function() {
  6. In an effort to privatize some properties, methods and state in my class (extends Ext.Window) I have reviewed various intermediate-to-advanced js topics, Extjs forums and js texts. During this review...
  7. That got me to the station (scope: this). Thanks evant, zhegwood and dah2000! Next stop - privatizing properties, functions and state via closures.
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    I will definitely keep this in mind. Thanks.
  9. Thanks zhegwood and dah2000. After inspecting my code block I noticed that I did choose the right overloaded function (with the 4th param being 'this'). I am able to elicit the confirmation dialog...
  10. I am trying to call a function within my extended Ext.Window without success. I have reviewed the Extjs, forum and Google docs and need a little clarification as to why my closeWindow() call does not...
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    Duh! style: 'border-width: 0px'
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    This may be a very newbie question but I was not able to find a clear answer in the docs and forum... Can you hide the fieldset border? Thanks.
  13. Please pardon me if I don't get the humor but indeed I have utilized the layoutConfig options on the form cards as so...

    Ext.apply(this, {
  14. I only specified dimensions for the modal window, not the containers or their nested forms. If I remove the width and height of the parental modal window, the window does not auto-resize to the...
  15. Here is more detail about my nested structure which continues not to work for the cards...

    Ext.apply(this, {
    id: 'winid'
    ,modal: true...
  16. Gurus,

    I have created a form wizard based off of the following pseudo-code of the parent window (for brevity)...

    Ext.apply(this, {
    id: 'winid'...
  17. Point taken about a window within a window - I completely forgot to update the extended class. My bad - I removed the outer Window. However, I also have Ext.ns('Application.UX') in my Page.init but...
  18. I created an extended class that when called generates an error: is not a constructor. I thought that you do not have to explicitly create a constructor function when inheriting from a base Ext...
  19. I just wanted to follow-up on this thread and note that I used Condor's suggestion of using good 'ole fashion html/css to customize my heading. Thanks!
  20. I have updated my window (layout: 'fit') to contain a form (layout: 'card') swapping containers (layout: 'form'). The source is presented below. However, my menuitem handler generates an exception...
  21. Thank you, Animal. I will make the necessary changes and post the results for others who are also new to Extjs.
  22. All,

    I would like to know the "best practice" as it relates to the structure of a cardlayout and multiple forms (a formpanel wizard). Should the structure be this (sorry about the indentation -...
  23. Hi Condor,

    Thanks for answering. I have used the 'vbox' layout manager to create 2 "rows" as follows. Note the '|' character denotes left and right borders that should cap the end of the rows but...
  24. I am trying to reproduce a custom take on the Ext 3.0 API Documentation application header (North region of the BorderLayout manager). I have investigated other layout managers, such as hbox and...
  25. Evant, thanks for the prompt reply. In truth, however, I have scoured the forums and Google for a good vbox layout example and could not find one. Don't mean to be a twit, but could you please...
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