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    I'm searching some examples of "HTML map area" with Extjs, but i have found nothing about this in the forum, except googlemaps.

    It's to create an image with clickable area.
  2. Is it possible to have, for a button, the icon in a left align position and the text in a center align position ?
    I saw that both are in a <td class="x-btn-mc">, which is centered by default.

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    My first post is not really working, because it's always testing for date format.

    So, if you want a list of hours more than 24:00, you don't need a timefield extension, but a combobox extension...
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    More complete extension :

    Tested under Ext 3.4.0

    * @class TimeFieldPlus
    * @extends Ext.form.TimeField
    * an extended timefield that allows additional values to be plugged into it
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    I've found it !

    new Ext.TabPanel({
    activeTab: 0,
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    I've a tabpanel.
    In one tab, a column layout with 2 columns.
    I fill the first column with html content.
    I want this first column shows a scrollbar when the html content is too height.

  7. Some solution in these threads :

    And what is working for me :

  8. Hello,

    I've a form with fieldsets.
    Inside each fieldsets, some other fields.

    If the fieldsets are first displayed collapsed, the fields aren't posted in form submission.
    If the fieldsets are...
  9. I can give you the url of my site, so you can see all the code (you will need to create an account to see what happens in the "My account" section).

    Can i give the url here (It's not a commercial...
  10. Thanks to help me :)

    It's better to show you some part of my code to let you see what's happening.

    The tab in the tabpanel :
    Tab 1

    border: false,
    cls: '#tab_compte',
  11. Hello,

    I'm facing some problem with Google Chrome.

    I have a tabpanel.
    In one tab, I have a form.
    When I click the tab, I load data in the form, which displays a window "loading" and...
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    In Extjs3.4, you can declare the top value as a string.
    In this case, the value appears with a "0" at the beginning.

    So, use this renderer :

    renderer: function(value) {
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    I've a checkbox i want to be checked by default.
    But it doesn't work.

    My code which doesn't check the checkbox (i give very simple example, without all the config of my formpanel) :

  14. I come back to the original post.

    I understand now that for a form load, the reader of the form is waiting for some data, regardless of whether success is true or false.

    So, when the server...
  15. To follow this thread, go to :
  16. I put breakpoints in the failure and success properties of the load.
    I simulate an error on server side (success: false).
    It doesn't go in the breakpoints and there is always the same error on...
  17. I want to load a form.
    When there's some error on the data coming from database, i would like to display an error message.

    I did this :

    The form load

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    I was facing the same problem : the json response was not interpreted.

    So, i do this :

    htmlentities for the error message
    header("Content-Type: text/html"); for the json response...
  19. The Ext.form.VTypes.url is


    I've a form with a textfield with a vtype : 'url'....
  20. If i change
    format : "m/d/y", to
    format : "j/m/a",, it's not working, because j/m/a is also an english date format.

    Where i need to change the locale ?
  21. After checking my code, i saw that my startdate has this property :

    validationEvent: false,

    Without this property (it means that validationEvent is set to the default "keyup"), all is fine.
  22. Hi,

    For a datefield, there is this error message in english :

    invalidText : "{0} is not a valid date - it must be in the format {1}",
    format : "m/d/y",
  23. Not fixed in the Extjs3.4 sample.
    I tried your solution (return true; ), only the enddate field has the good error message. No error message for the start date field.
  24. I've tried to post on the forum, but i haven't received the confirmation email to be registered to the forum.

    I've contacted brian moeskau to activate my extensible forum...
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    I've upgraded my app from Extjs3.3.0 to Extjs3.4.0 and was facing the bug described behind with SuperBoxSelect.

    My SuperBoxSelect is in a form and the form is in a panel.
    The panel is first...
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