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  1. I have treepanel on West and Center is TabPanel. When I use the listener on treepanel as follows
    It does not do anything. Neither does it change disabled property nor does it sets activeTab.

  2. There were minor issues that I did not notice, otherwise example provided by Doug Hendricks really works. If one is using Ext3.x then the Portal, PortalColumn and Portlet are under ux.

  3. I almost spent a week in attempt to make a demonstration of iframe work with ExtJS (3.x). Sometimes I ran into circles. I noticed that Doug Hendricks had posted solutions to many frustrated users....
  4. I figured two things that I did wrong.

    listener should be

    expand: function(obj){
    alert("Expanded Other Contact");
    var primecontact =...
  5. I have several components that are of type FieldSet and since the Form is a little bigger than normal display size can handle, I thought if I could toggle expand collapse between the two FieldSet...
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