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  1. I have packaged the app using sencha cmd

    So please suggest... how to whitelist the domain in this case...
  2. Application is packaged... I have installed the apk in the emulator and then I'm remote debugging it
  3. Hi,

    I am testing my ST2 App in Browser and Emulator. The App runs smooth on Browser but not on Emulator. The Ajax Requests the app makes have different behaviors in each case.

    On Remote...
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    Thanks :D That did the trick =D>

    type: 'rest',

    url: "http://.....",

    success: function(response){
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    I am trying to consume a Restful Web Service in my ST2 app. The response type is plain text/html. The response is a plain single line text, and does not contain any attributes to be mapped to...
  6. Hi,

    I have a List that displays numbers and text. When I tap on the number in any List Item, the app exits and the number gets copied to device's dialing screen (Obviously this happens only when I...
  7. Thanks alexander.urban ... I'll sure keep that in mind :)
  8. I am trying to add an Image to a panel inside a Carousal. The first screen of Carousel contains an Image, a Fieldset and a Button. The second screen contains a Fieldset.

    The image in the first...
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    Goodwork maiconschelter. I am pretty new to ExtJS. I want to consume OData service using your extension but getting the following error. I am using ExtJS 4.2.0.
    ​Thanx in advance
    OData.js: 69...
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