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  1. I have a need to update a datagrid that is buffered. I have a websocket that listens for data and I keep my grids in sync. To achieve this in 4.1.1 I ended up just clearing the page map whenever I...
  2. I subscribe to data on the javascript end and want to keep the grid updated. When I use the normal Datagrid unbuffered its pretty straight forward to insert the record since the javascript applies...
  3. So this is a little misleading of a title. The actual buffered datagrid is fine, I however have a hack so I can update its records of the store. I think I am missing something though. If the records...
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    I have been trying to find an event I can attach to a tab panel to tell me when one of its items gets removed. I havent had any luck. I would prefer to attach an event here rather than the tab...
  5. so apprently it was caused by including that neptune js fix. all good now
  6. I have set collapsible:True on an Ext.panel.Panel but the icon isnt showing up. What am I missing?

    Ext.onReady(function() {
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    I have a need to add at times ~10 new elements to a single panel. This have proven to be very slow

    I am using the .add() method on the parent panel. To speed this up I have found I can just create...
  8. I looked at what prune() does and just created my own method to clearPages doing similiar logic.

    I did look at purgePageCount but it didnt seem to work how I needed it. If there is a proper method...
  9. Hi, I want the request data from the backend everytime I scroll. My data is changing constantly behind the scenes and when a user scrolls I want the updated. I dont care if it is more expensive. I...
  10. Hi, I am using a buffered grid and wish to insert records into it. Unfortunately I only know the position of my record in the full data set. I could insert it by index however the buffered stores...
  11. Hi, I just upgraded to 4.1.1 my 4.1.0 didnt even give me a loadMask (bug?) Now I have one and I am trying to remove it.

    I tried setting in my grid loadMask: false, viewConfig: { loadMask: false...
  12. I have a buffered data grid which I update records for. These get inserted via javascript and are kept in sync on the back end. Since data gets cached in buffered grid I found that doing a...
  13. Im not sure this is exactly what im looking for. What I ultimately want to do is something such as this below.

    function getData(request) {
    .....fetch data on your own parsing request.......
  14. Anyone have a suggestion?
  15. I want to take the request object that gets posted to the server and pass that to a javascript function. Which in turn would handle return the json to whatever callback (async) that the request...
  16. No suggestions? :(
  17. I cannot find a good solution for this, I have a need to modify data in a buffered datagrid. Every solution I find pretty much revolves around saving the scrollbar pos and going back to it. This...
  18. Scott, is there a newer version than this?

    /*This file is part of Ext JS 4.1Copyright (c) 2011-2012 Sencha IncContact: General Public License UsageThis file...
  19. Hi Scott, I just tracked down what was causing it. I was enabling locked by setting "locked: false" in the columns. When I removed locked flag completely I can now insert. Any ideas?
  20. Sorry for delay, here is a before and after shot37069
  21. I can insert new records just fine. But if I try doing an insert into the middle of the store chrome crashes. Any ideas on this would be appreciated as Chrome doesnt give me much to go on....
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    Hi, I want to do lookups on records in a buffered store. I wish to create my own index property in the records and have an index on this. Is there a built in way to do this? I do not want to use find...
  23. I have a datagrid, I want to get the record for whatever is at say row: 0, column: 5

    Is there an efficent way to do this? I will then want to update this value
  24. nvm, store.pageMap.clear() after the insert did the trick
  25. I am using an infinite scroll grid. When I insert records at an index and then scroll away so that it pages they are no longer present when I scroll back. Any help is appreciated :)
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