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  1. I have a radiogroup which has two items labeled yes and no.
    I also have a remote store which has a boolean property and which must be used to set yes/no buttons in the radio group.

    I have two...
  2. can anyone help me with this data store load issue?
  3. I tried the callback method,still the same problem.I am able to see the data when i go through the step mode,as there will be enough time to make the asynchronous call and populate the store.When i...
  4. I have autoload=false and i'm manually loading the store.But there is a time lag in the loading of data into the store.By the time data is loaded,i'm out of the renderer function.
  5. I am using the same store to populate two fields in a screen. The url for this store takes a parameter which is the value of another field in the same screen.One of the fields is a normal text field...
  6. Problem: Is there a way to load data into the data store synchronously.
    Description: I have many comboboxes in a JS file which are loaded with different stores.Stores are populated with the data...
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