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    okay - ignore me - was just being dense!
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    I’m trying to put a simple left or right swipe listener onto a tab panel container.

    As a simple swipe listener set into the initialise of the container, the following works fine for me.

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    Hi Aaron - if you just let the list run in a browser. Currently the first item is "High tide casues..." The last item is "Fears over foreign ministers powers"

    In a few minutes new items will come...
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    Hi Aaron - sorry for the delay.

    Attached is a small Architect 3 project made from scratch. I am finding that the list of 20 items continues to grow (on a browser window or a device) as new items...
  5. Hi Mitchell - jet having another shot at this…yes, I realise that I can override the back button like this and effectively either make it impossible to use, or point it somewhere. However, I’m not...
  6. I’m trying to animate a button to slide in as a container initialises using Ext.Anim

    Of the animation options:
    fade works
    flip work (but looks weird!)
    pop works (not pretty either)
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    I’m trying to figure out why lists in Architect 3 don’t sync as they have previously.

    I’m seeing a caching effect on the iPhone, though I’m also not sure if this persistent caching of list...
  8. Would it be possible to have some directions for upgrade from sencha 2.0 to 2.3 within Architect3. I'm sure it's meant to be possible but all my attempts lead to errors trying to build or package....
  9. My upgrade route was:

    I took my original touch architect project, which was

    I saved this as a new project to project to avoid...
  10. Hi there,

    Is there documentation for upgrading an architect application from 2.x to 3? Whilst I can start a new sencha application in architect and see it correctly simulate or build in Architect...
  11. This is with native windows apps, being prepared with Cordova for the Windows Phone App store
  12. Hi all!

    While there's a fairly well documented method for aping into the device back button and use the reference and routes method to walk back through the history stack of tab panel screens, I'm...
  13. Hi Phil - not sure what that exactly means. The pull-refresh plugin is built into architect already - not one that's imported. Can you be a bit more specific on what you mean by adding a 'requires'....
  14. Just going through the process of setting up an app for windows 8 mobile.

    App prepared in Architect through Sencha version 2.2 and packaged through sendcha cmd. Using cordova 3.0.

    It seems...
  15. The question is long standing. 'Device profiles' is on the Sencha roadmap but doesn't exisit in 2.2, and I understand that, from a recent post, it wont be in the initial releases of 3 either. We can...
  16. Still not seeing how this is meant to work… :((

    Is there a way through CSS to allow styling to maximise images such as a background image of the Navbar or a button so that it will auto stretch...
  17. Hi there - this seems such a stupidly basic question, I'm almost embarrassed to ask! :"> Take pity if you can!!

    So, the issue is Android devices (just consider phones at this point, not...
  18. Oh….

    I have to admit, that's the first time - and I've been using Sencha Touch 1 and then Sencha Architect for some years now - that I even knew this existed! I think I was assuming that when an...
  19. Hi Phil - it's not that. I realise that the greyed out button is activated when a project is saved to disk.

    The first of the two images is a sencha project that has been updated along with...
  20. Hi Ross - and thanks for the clarification on this. It does, however, raise another problem. I don't have a package menu item!

    For sure, if I start a new Sencha Architect Project, it comes set...
  21. Hi Ross and Eyepoker,

    I agree about best practice of keeping the resources local - I only referenced them online as I wasn't sure whether there was some permission issue on my local field that...
  22. I'm struggling with the same. Using cordova, I can't get a sencha app to initialise, though the cordova framework itself is initialising. Does anyone have any direction how to make this run? :((
  23. Trying to deploy for a Windows 8 phone. I have the SDK set up (Visual Studio Express) in windows and it runs properly and Cordova will build the standard app that runs on the phone emulator to run...
  24. Hi there Jason - still trying to figure my way through this. I resolved the problems with markers on maps that has something to do with the sencha touch library. For me at least sencha-touch-
  25. In fact, that turned out to be exactly it! After I posted, I split the Lat, Long into two store items and it coped better. Wy, I'm not sure.

    Anyway - now having issues with the first map launching...
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