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  1. This is entirely reproducible and is caused by the lack of Ext.onReady or equivalent. You cannot render components directly inside a script tag, even if you do it after the body. e.g.:

  2. The idea of resetting/removing user-added CSS classes doesn't really stand up to scrutiny. In your use case you have 1 set of mutually exclusive classes but that's a very specific case. As soon as...
  3. Missing Ext.onReady, or equivalent, perhaps?
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    Ext.util.Renderable - initRenderTpl.

    Ext.XTemplate - getTpl.

    The key trick is that getTpl updates the prototype. This is a performance enhancement to ensure the template only needs...
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    xtypes lead to much cleaner code, which for many would be reason enough to use them.

    They allow the class of an object to be specified in the configuration just like any other property. That is a...
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    The 4.0.7 docs for xtype make incorrect claims about lazy instantiation (not to be confused with lazy loading). It also blurs the lines between instantiation and rendering in a very confusing manner....
  7. Is the data you're returning JSON or JSON-P?

    It would help if you posted a sample response.
  8. For a better understanding of how comboboxes work I suggest reading all 3 parts of this:

    Keep in mind that the combobox's config only...
  9. It seems fine to me.

    My Fiddle (e7a) loads the comboboxes, whereas yours (e79) does not.
  10. Here's a version with the combos loading:


    Just do a diff to see what changes I made.

    You should also ditch most of those calls to Ext.create in favour of just using configs with aliases...
  11. Presumably because you added your CSS before the default ExtJS CSS? For two selectors with equal specificity the latter rule wins.
  12. In your type you have 'pdf', in the CSS selector you have 'print'.

    If that isn't the problem, just inspect the element using the browser dev tools and figure out why the CSS isn't taking. It's...
  13. Isn't that getRange with no arguments?
  14. That's a really painful way to do it. Rather than using console logging just inspect the relevant elements in the 'Elements' section of Chrome's dev tools. It'll update live as you move the mouse or...
  15. If you just want to see what classes are applied you can open the browser dev tools and watch them change.

    From a few seconds playing with any grid example you should be able to see that the...
  16. I'm not familiar enough with ASP .NET to comment.
  17. What do you mean by 'showing me data with escaping characters'?
  18. That looks correct to me, what you posted doesn't contain any extra escaping characters.
  19. You said previously that you were receiving the data on the server but with excess escaping. That's the request I'm interested in. There's no way it can be blank if the server's getting the data.
  20. Fiddler seems like overkill when you could just use the tools built into the browsers.

    That said, the output you've posted seems to be from the case where you haven't passed the value through...
  21. I assume the extra characters you mentioned are \, not /. Something like this?


    That indicates the value has been JSON encoded twice.

    I suggest breaking this down into...
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    What more do you need to know?

    As I mentioned previously the OPTIONS request is caused by custom headers. The page I referenced gives full details of what causes the OPTIONS request.

    Either you...
  23. Without a Fiddle I can't suggest anything specific.

    Try running a profiler to isolate where the time is spent (probably layout) and then try to optimize accordingly. e.g. fixed sizes.

    You may...
  24. How are you passing the data to request?

    If you use the jsonData option you don't need to call stringify.
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    Custom headers activate the pre-flight OPTIONS check.

    However, given the error message in the screenshot I wonder whether...
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