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  1. I'm still unable to reproduce this, so I'm thinking it's maybe related to your machine or framework narrow it down, could you let me know:

    - what OS are you using?
    - what is the...
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    Hi sudacr,

    I'm just guessing here, and correct me if you are already doing this: When you click 'new project' in the top right corner of the dialogue that comes up you can choose whether you want...
  3. Hi,

    The 'needsCompile' property is not linked to auto-compile button in any way. 'needsCompile' is an internal flag that marks whether the theme has just been added fresh, in which case for the...
  4. I'm glad that worked for you. Good luck animating!
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    I'm glad you were able to solve the problem.
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    I was surprised to read that you have a version 1.0 beta - that shouldn't be possible to download anywhere anymore. If you found this somewhere on the internet, could you inform me where?

  7. Roughly, this is what you need to do:

    function resizeAnimation() {

    //get current window size
    var width = window.innerWidth;
    var height = window.innerHeight;
  8. Hi atkinsonline,

    Please check the documentation on Ext.dataview.List:!/api/Ext.dataview.List

    To answer your questions:

    - Usually all supported properties...
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    I did some testing with standard and Google fonts and it seems I can reproduce the problem for some fonts, but even then the difference would be 1-2 pixels, and not a big gap like in your screenshot....
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    Is adjustment of line-height having no effect in IE?
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    A few things that come to mind:

    - Are you using IE10+ ? (I'm assuming yes - Animator doesn't support older versions of IE) - Is the preview rendering correctly when you preview it in Chrome /...
  12. SCSS is an intermediate step between code and a running app. SCSS is never run by your browser, but instead is compiled to CSS. Therefore the variables you define there will not be visible within the...
  13. @ShaneTex if you want to build a theme from scratch, starting with base, you should read this guide:!/guide/theming

    However, it is not possible to build a...
  14. Hi,

    Currently it is not possible to import scss resources from just any path directly into the project. The themes are created within scope of the project, and as such, only the scss files that...
  15. Hi,

    The theming guide for ExtJS 4.2.2 is here:!/guide/theming
    For Touch 2.3, the guide is here:!/guide/theming
  16. Are the buttons placed in any container that is set to 'disabled' by chance?

    Does this also happen if you apply a brand new Neptune theme? Also, have you tested it with Classic theme?
  17. Your button is initialized as disabled - so that's why you're getting disabled look when you run your app.

    If you want the disabled button to look the same as an enabled button you should...
  18. Hi marc,

    Could you tell me what framework / theme is this happening for? Also, a couple of other questions:
    - are you using a UI to modify the look of the button?
    - do you have custom classes...
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    Is your project Sencha Touch or ExtJS, and which version? I can answer this better when I know which framework you're using :)
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    You're looking in the right place. In the 'Ship' symbol, there are 3 objects, the top one is called 'Handler'. Click event in the 'Handler' registers that the ship has been hit and triggers explosion...
  21. Just one thing - the images must be in project-images folder. Currently this is a quirk due to the way how themes are compiled, but it will be resolved in the future release. In your case the...
  22. In that case, you can configure iconCls even though it does not appear in the config list. To do so, you need to select the panel or container that is child of your tabPanel. In the config searchbar,...
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    A couple of things to check:

    Does your theme have custom scss resources (even if you wrote this code in SA3)? If so, are you importing anything there?

    Can you verify that you have the...
  24. Just to verify, is your project an Ext 4.2 or a Touch 2.3 project?
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    Over time I've created various examples demonstrating more advanced animations and scripting as response to questions and requests on the forum. This post lists all of them available for download:
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