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    You may wish to check out Juggernaut which is a plugin for Ruby on Rails (though it could be ported to other languages) which uses a hidden flash swf to set up a xmlsocket connection with a...
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    I'm wondering whether the grid is going to be given 'livegrid' functionality. Basically that allows you to display a large amount of data without pagination, and only loads it when necessary. Have a...
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    My data is stored in a hash, rather than an array, since I'm using specific indexes. I'm wondering what would be the easiest way to read this data into an
  4. Nope, but they make it one step easier to upload files to Aireo since you can just drag/drop them onto an Apollo app.
    Webdav does allow you to have a local drive which you can save/open/delete to as...
  5. At the moment, in the html interface, you have to save a file, then upload it to Aireo. However, I'm also building a Flex/Apollo version (screenshot below) that you can have desktop access from, just...
  6. Just for an example of how Ext is being used in my project:
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    Is it just me (or am I being impatient).
    Doesn't Ext 1 release on the 15th (today)?
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