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  1. I´m using Architect 3.1 and I can´t find "alias" as a config-property for a store. But there is a property called "userAlias".

    I´ve tried the chained store example but I can´t get to work with...
  2. Is it possible to share data between two or more treepanels without interfering eachother when user expand or check nodes?
    I want to share the same datareponse from the server between more than one...
  3. I mean if there is other possible datastructure to load a chart with?

    Let´s say that I want display two years in the example that you linked to:...
  4. I wonder if there is any dynamic ways to load data to a chart.
    Let´s say that I want to display a column chart for 2 objects (could be 1 or more different objects) per month.
    Is it possible to use...
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    In my webapp created in Architect and Ext 4.1 I can´t get a radar chart to show the category axis and there labels. It works fine if I move the chart to another container without changing anything in...
  6. No odd things really, it was loaded in the canvas before I closed the project.
    I remember that some of the pages I´ll tryed to load made a trip up the canvas. Hopefully the coming fix will solve...
  7. Just before I saved the project the last time I added a new view as a window.
    In that view (searchForm) I put a loader with an url.
    And now when I removed that code from the file...
  8. Architect Build tested:

    Build: 640
    Project Type:

    EXT JS 4.1

    When I open my project the Achitect.exe program crash, tryed several times after restarting my computer but with...
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    Thanks for your response.

    I´ve now created the GMapPanel and saved it to the toolbox and tryed to get it to work in my projekt. Everything but the map shows up. The panel itself seems to work. I...
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    Is it possible to use "Ext.ux.GMapPanel" in a Designer 2-project?
    Like your example: GMap Window
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