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  1. How to make it right-alligned?
  2. Is there more intellegent way to add button in ExtJs 5?
  3. In the latest ExtJS 5 from SVN it works out-of-box if relations between models are speicified and if child store was loaded. (if model.getAssociatedData() returns values)
  4. Yes I have checked all XML files in .sencha folder and I have discovered all needed commands from tags.
  5. I would like to write my own makefile to compile my project.
    In this case, I need to discover original 'compile' command which is passed to 'sencha' when building under Sencha workspace.

    I have...
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    I have change backend to return JSON acceptable for update() method:

    User: {
    'U': [
    id: 55,
    name: 'Robert'
  7. Now I have my custom package which is using ExtJs.
    i have added to package.json file:

    "requires": [

    I need add "-s" key each time to compile package now:

  8. I would like to make custom package + application which are using php as backend and I would like to compile it using Sencha Cmd.

    So, I need that content of some folder (for example, 'php') should...
  9. But why they are not included in zip archive with ExtJs focs?You can check zip archive in link i provided above and find that some html files are present in folder "cmd".I think that it will ne great...
  10. So, is it possible to get that guides for offline use?
  11. How I can get offline docs for cmd?
  12. Seems it is BUG when zipping docs.
  13. I have found docs archive: Ext 5.0 docs work fine, but cmd docs does not work. (There is no index.html file inside 'cmd' folder)
  14. Where I can find offline docs for Sencha Cmd and ExtJs 5?

    For ExtJs4 all docs was included in the distribution.

    I'm registered user and I need to develop applications offline because sometimes...
  15. Tested version: ext-

    Seems that somebody of developers forgot to add highlighted line:


    override: '',

  16. 1. Combobox has initially configured store.
    2. Combobox has binded store from viewmodel with filter.
    Result is that combobox value does not set properly.
    All works fine if after remove filter from...
  17. I'm using Ext.Direct with authorization. Backend Ext.Direct throws 'NonAuthorizedException' when backend session is expired. Frontend will show 'login dialog' window after receiving such exception....
  18. Ext.Direct.on('exception', function(event){
    // how to resume Ext.Direct call here?
    // seems that 'event' has no properties to send Ext.Direct call again...
  19. There is a bug in next example, TempateColumn does not updated after changing combobox value for column 'groupId':

    Ext.define('BaseModel', {
  20. In the next example binding to grid asssociated data causes loading it from the associated model's store, but parent record is phantom and it really has no ID.
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    I'm doing:
    1. session.getChanges()
    2. Send via ajax:

    User: {
    'U': [
    id: 55,
    name: 'Robert'
  22. +1, how to do that?
  23. I have asked in Premium Support forum:
  24. ComboBox displays value fine after adding 'headId' field to /data/department:

    success: true,
    data: [{
    id: 1,
  25. Is somebody know how to handle association in combobox?
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