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  1. Would you please mark my answer as "best answer" and not yours, please.
  2. Maybe this is a theme depending issue. Did you try blue or grey theme?
  3. Do you expect someone to take a look at your code? Maybe you should post it more reader friendly using [ CODE ][ /CODE ] tags ( # item in editor creates such tags).
  4. Widget itself doesn't know about children. But there is an interface called HasWidgets. If Widgets is of type HasWidgets it is able to carry children and has methods to add/remove/ask for them.
  5. <div id='doNotShowButton' ... is bad idea, cause u may get invalid HTML.
    Reason: id has to be unique. But u get potentially several div-elements with same id 'doNotShowButton'. class instead of id...
  6. Your getComponent function is looking for the parent(s) of the given widget? Seems odd to me, since you say you need "all widgets that are in the container". Sounds like you are interested in...
  7. U did. Atleast in this sticky thread.
    I thought u would recon u made that mistake in the other 3 sticky threads aswell. :-?
    Seems like I was wrong. :(( Sorry! So, Brandon, take a look at your other...
  8. 404. That’s an error.
  9. Join the club:
  10. I deleted GXT 3.1.0 from my local maven repo and made a new build. Same result. I guess our NEXUS is to blame. Seems like it delivers GPL version, when I ask for gxt-3.1.0.

    Our company has more...
  11. I got a commercial licence, but no support. Hence I put in my pom.xml:
    <name>Commercially licensed Sencha...
  12. Several things are odd here. First to your specific problem, kozla13:
    I guess, if you put NumberFormat.getCurrencyFormat("EUR") as your format for the field, your entered string has to end on " €",...
  13. Wrong section of forum. This one is about Ext GWT aka GXT.
  14. Rahul, I guess u should gather more info to see what exactly is the problem.
    Did u track the request, that fails with IE? Would be helpful to know if Server returns an error.
    If not, there is...
  15. Replies
    Have a look at GXT Tooltip example:

    There u can see some different behaviours of GXT Tooltips. The last one even shows a picture. Might be a...
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    No problem with some hours of outage. But getting a blank page confused me. Would love to see a meaningful error page.
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    Yesterday (July-22nd 2014) and this forum was down several hours (at least 9a.m. to 11a.m. UTC). I always got a blank page (weird). Investigating the connection via FireBug told me, Server...
  18. Please accept the answer. This leads the thread to be marked as "answered".
  19. Recently, we discovered this issue aswell. But I think rondestvedt missed a point for reliable reproduction.

    Here is my showcase.
    Necessary preperation (missing above):

    go to...
  20. You are right. I checked again. tdHeight is always "" in the example above.
    In our Webapp however, the codesection runs twice. First time tdHeight is "". Second time it is "0px". Sorry for the...
  21. Ähh, setting translated text for each element seems cumbersome. You clearly have to google "GWT Internationalization"!
    GXT delivers translation for most of its elements in several languages. I hope...
  22. Holger, tell us about your intention to change GridColumnHeaderMenuEntries. Best approach to do so depends on your circumstances.

    Are you trying to change *some* entries, maybe depending on some...
  23. I have the same issue with GXT3.1

    This ticket is related

    The "solution" suggested there is...
  24. - Go to
    - activate "Donut"
    - deactive every month but one

    Result: a pie
    Expected: a donut

    In fact, it only looks like a pie. If you...
  25. I can confirm your observation: Directly to RowExpanderGrid is fine. First to BasicGrid and then to RowExpanderGrid shows the Problem: no stripped rows.

    There seems to be a conflict at CSS layer....
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