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  1. Found this workaround because It starts working fine if column(s) is/are moved. ;)

    // Menu changes when columns are moved. It will be recreated.


  2. Hi,

    Description: Column Menu doesn't open for stateful grid having filter & grouping feature.

    For Ext JS 4.2.2

    We are using stateful grid having filter feature and grouping feature.
  3. Interesting... It looks like 1-1 association works in both direction? 8-|
    Either you can provide reference of Child model in Parent model fields OR
    you provide reference of Parent model in Child...
  4. @Gary :)

    Note: If fiddle not working, please change the sequence of files in the following order.
  5. Thanks Kechroo :)
    based on your fix, onKeyEnd issue can also be fixed.

    Calculating totalCount based on buffered grid check.

    totalCount = store.buffered ? store.getTotalCount() :...
  6. Changing order of files fixes my issue. But every time i open fiddle again, the order reverts back.

    If loading of files is based on tree sequence (which is very problematic) Shouldn't fiddle also...
  7. To export data from store-based component (grid, tree,..etc) to any format document (csv, excel, ...etc)


    Save Files on the client-side with the given file name using Blob (Supported...
  8. Hello Support Team,

    Recently I made a request to merge my "ypandey" account with "rpoddar" account.
    Merge has been successful, but I can't find my fiddles now.
    Could you please look into this...
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