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  1. Dear masters...
    please help me..
  2. Hi all,

    Base question how to post parameter on click of the tree panel because i want post parameter on click of the (plus) icon is kode_jabatan not id​ (look at attached file). Here's my code :
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    like this post very much \:D/
  4. thanks, but my main problem is the htmleditor is disabled after i expand the container..
    is there any other solution?

    is there any issue in overnesting?
  5. oke mr Simoens ignore my last post, my extjs4 version is 4.0.7
    you can try this code here :

    Ext.Loader.setConfig({enabled: true});
  6. is it

    Ext.container.Container should in the listener
    beforeexpand :-?
  7. Morning guys,
    just curious is it a bug or just my coding is not right, here's my coding :

    function ubahCapcha() {
    url: base_url+'quran/randCapcha',
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    excelent simonspitz, that's what i looking for all night...
    at last i found it.....=D>

    :-? mmmhh... wonder what could i give to you to bring back the favor
    but any way thanks mate..
  9. Good morning,

    based on this example :
    I have difficulty to take "list" type of filters to fetch from store /...
  10. thanks rkaat, that solved the problem
    and thanks for the enlightenment
  11. yesss...
    it works...
    thanks rkaat

    one question : is 'Name' is value from valueField or displayField?
    how can i get Template field from the STORE?
  12. Hi there dear folks, need help here...
    the main story is about i wanna change HTMLEDITOR value with the given value from the store, trigger from the COMBO selection is that possible?

    This is...
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    Just update for number 2, I have figure it how :)
    just add; at the end of the function procedure ;)
    here it how :

    var win = desktop.getWindow('grid-comp');
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    dear friends,

    i have problem with desktop environment as displayed in the example :

    I wanna know more about :
    1. how to...
  15. Dear Animal,

    The base point question from this thread is refer to this example :
    same problem with me here is :
    * How to add new...
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