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    I haven't looked, so this is an educated guess, but I'd be pretty shocked if the terms of use of the forums didn't include something related to the legal status of code (or anything else) posted to...
  2. Thanks, Evan. I can confirm that while setting a type on storeConfig doesn't seem to work any more with hasMany, it does seem to work using reference.
  3. I also just ran into this, and it's kind of a big deal. I need to tell Ext JS to use a specific custom Store subclass for the associated models. The only way this worked in 4.x was to specify a...
  4. It really wouldn't make more sense. Anything else bound to the Store or otherwise dependent on its data will fail horribly if you just rip out the existing model and shove another one in.

  5. Even if it's possible (which I suspect it isn't), don't do this. Then you've got a situation where "sometimes" the store has data that looks like X, and "sometimes" it has data that looks like Y. You...
  6. While I would agree that if Sencha says this should work, then it should work, the real question is: why would you want to do this "the hard way" (with a manual control block and component query)...
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    Since this idea is new to you, it's worth pointing out that the Sencha Git repository is not public. Evan can access it because he works for Sencha and has access to the repository. In other words:...
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  9. FYI, the upgrade guide describes most if not all of the differences between 4.2.x and 5.0, including the change to rootProperty in the TreeStore reader and writer.
  10. As discussed in this thread:

    Ext.define('MyApp.controller.Baz', {
    extend : '',

    listen : {
    controller : {
  11. Understood. Any idea what the ETA on that is? 4.2.2 is almost 8 months old and I assume work on the 4.2.x branch is (or has been) mostly frozen for 5.0 release and post-release fixes. So I'm not...
  12. Gary, do you know if this was ever released? I can't find any reference to a version 4.2.3...or was this another support-only release?
  13. Inheritance alone can be insufficient, since we're dealing with single inheritance. Mixins are an option, especially with the new Ext.Mixin features, but I'll need to look into how config values with...
  14. It looks like the answer to this question is no but I wanted to ask to try and be sure. From what I can see in the source code, a view only has one referenceHolder (typically itself or a view...
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    Pull request.
  16. Your choice of server-side platform you use has nothing to do with Ext JS. If your server-side application can respond to HTTP requests with JSON data, you can use Ext JS.
  17. Looking through the source, it looks like the steps are:

    Bindable mixin applied to Component
    Bindable.applyController() calls controller.setView()
    controller.setView() calls...
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    That's correct.

    If you're actually using Cmd, I'm not really sure why you're trying to mix use of the pre-built library into your setup. The whole point of Cmd is that it builds out a file that...
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    If you bought the 4.x license within the last 12 months and included the Standard or Premium support option, it should cover the 5.x update. If not, you need a new license....
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    Not sure what you're doing incorrectly, because Ext.application() is definitely included in the built ext-all-*.js files:
  21. Specifying an existing Store to use was possible in 4.2, using a storeConfig that specifies an alias as the type. But it looks like this isn't an option any longer, so I'm not sure how this would be...
  22. Well, see, that's why I'm not a lawyer. ;-) I was reading the GPL license with the same verbiage ("You may not combine such development work with the Software..."), which read to me as I had said...
  24. It can be found at
  25. "The software" that the license mentions is, in this case, the GPL version of Ext JS. I read the license as saying that you should not combine your GPL application code with the GPL version of Ext...
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