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  1. So for my information, are you saying that in 4.0.5, the core part of Ext is included in app-all.js, and therefore you need to include only one js file in your html page?
    That would be an...
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    Then maybe have a look at this plugin.
  3. Hi FoxMulder900,

    jsb3 file and therefore app-all.js do not include ext-core. That is why you need to include it separately in your html file. So the documentation is correct: you need to include...
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    You may try to have a "require" directly in MyClass.js, so you are sure MyClass-lang.js is loaded when MyClass is loaded.
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    1- it is not an oversimplification; it is a fact
    2- I have not said this is how it MUST be done. I said "recommend". I am sure AlexanderHS is smart enough to judge if it applies to its own project.
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    If you want to dynamically download a file, and assuming the loader is enabled, you could do:


    "Recommendation": When going into production, you would normally not...
  7. You could do something like:

    'view1 button[action=toView2]': {
    click: function() {
    var form =...
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    You could do something like:

    var value = Ext.Object.fromQueryString(;
    to get the value of token in page1.html?token=12345

    By the way, I would recommend using...
  9. Hi,

    it is great to have Raphael/graphs now available in ExtJS.
    However, I am experiencing some troubles with the minimum value of the Numeric axis:

    when setting value to -400 (my data...
  10. First of all, thanks for the new framework.

    It seems that the AbstractManager has been built on top of a previous ComponentMgr, as can be ssen from the comments/documentation. E.g.

  11. Hi,
    talking about getters and setters in Ext4, is it not an abuse of terminology as getters and setters are supposed to look like properties, rather than methods?

    myObj.prop = 'aValue'; //...
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