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  1. @TwoLeggedMammal: How do you use the Json (?) code you show in GXT 3?
  2. You are in the GXT forum, not in the ExtJS forums. You should ask your question in the proper section to increase your chance of being answered.
  3. Already asked some time ago, this is not planned by Sencha (or wasn't at the time of the reply) because GXT is a client-side technology while what we are asking is to be done on the server.
  4. At least on non-IE browsers, the GWT charts are generated in SVG already.
    I asked a similar question in the past, I was answered that the SVG generation is done on the client side, so to generate...
  5. I was curious, so I searched...
    SVG color definition send to the CSS2 color definition.
    Both indicate that color is defined in RGB terms.
    I suppose hsv and hsl are defined in CSS3, so are out of...
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    Well, that's still the wrong place, this forum is for GXT 3, not for Ext GWT 2.

    Note: you probably have space constraints, but as a user, I wouldn't appreciate such component as there is no...
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    When posting in an existing thread, it is good practice to remain in the original topic (and that's not "Question for Sencha developers", there is a Q&A sub-forum for that; I mean the topic developed...
  8. Before I started to do GWT, I had to log out a user when they closed the tab or the window, in pure JavaScript. There are Dom events for that, but it appeared that not all browsers are equal for...
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    Not sure if the vocabulary is correct here.
    To my knowledge, a Web service is just an API, allowing to act on the server, or to get back some data, textual or not. If it "returns" a GUI component,...
  10. I had this problem in my early days of GXT, until I saw a thread advising to use Viewport:

    Viewport viewport = new Viewport();
    App app = new App();
  11. TextSprite is a Sprite which has, among other things, a setFill(Color) method. I am suspecting this will change the background color of the sprite (but I haven't tried).
    It has no image support...
  12. Perhaps make a horizontal layout of VBoxLayoutContainers. But you will need to manually manage the overflows.
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    As I explained, Export to image is done on the server side, using Batik.
    I already asked, some months ago, how to do that with GXT, but they explained that reproducing the code generating the SVG on...
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    There is a recent thread on the topic...
  15. You use an ExtJS combo box inside a GXT 3 grid? Why don't you use a GXT combo box, to keep things consistent?
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    It is not obvious for several reasons.
    One reason is that in most browsers, JavaScript is generally restricted from manipulating the clipboard, for security reasons. If one as a password or credit...
  17. Actually, what I described is related to Activities and Places, more than to MVP, although both are often used together.
    I won't describe them here, as it would be lengthy, so I invite you to read...
  18. It widely depends on the architecture of your application...
    In one of our, we precisely have a similar layout. We use Google's MVP framework. So, on tree node click, if the associated action is to...
  19. I am interested by the answer as I was perplexed the first time I saw this: we have to create charts with variable number of series in them, and this rigid organization is puzzling. Are we supposed...
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    naveen.kumar, your question is unrelated to this topic. Yes, you seem to ask a "question for Sencha developers", but the fact the topic subject is not well chosen shouldn't confuse you: this is not...
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    I have a form defined with UiBinder, indeed made precisely to upload a file. Actually, most fields except the FileUploadField are managed like in any other dialog, and the upload servlet only manage...
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    When I see JavaScript code in a GXT 3 forum, particularly with stuff like Ext.tree, I am suspecting the message is in the wrong forum. GXT is a framework for using Java to code for the Web...
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    I haven't attempted to make a new theme yet, but I think such operation would need a complete rewrite of the original theme. Ie. you design a GXT theme, starting from one provided, and you hack it...
  24. Indeed, I have an enum defined in a shared class (so I can pass the value in a DTO), and to display it in a combo box, I used something like:

    private final...
  25. 6) The point of GWT is precisely to avoid JavaScript. Most of my co-workers have fits at the idea of having to learn it... Dynamic languages = evil, for them (and I admit static checking is cool for...
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