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  1. Just wanted to say thank you for your analysis and solutions concerning this problem. I've been off project for a long while but now I'm back I've integrated your suggestion into my code and it...
  2. Just wanted to bump this one for Sencha to comment on, it may have gone unnoticed.
  3. I am using GXT 3.04.

    If I manually type a date "2013-03-01", everything works fine. If I type "2013-03-99", my validator receives a date representing the current date, which is the value I...
  4. Here's a code snippet for a datefield:

    private final DateField _submissionDateCtrl = new DateField();

    _submissionDateCtrl.addParseErrorHandler(new ParseErrorHandler() {
  5. In the dialog class, the following method returns null.


    If I use other PredefinedButton enumerations, such as OK, I receive a TextButton object. Is...
  6. I ended up disabling every widget until I reached the point where deployment worked. After a great deal of time, I discovered setting the height of the ButtonGroups in the toolbar is responsible. ...
  7. When running my application from Eclipse, everything is working fine. Here's an example of what it looks like:

    However, when deploying the application to tomcat using...
  8. Thank you, the suggestion works very well.

  9. This describes my problem very well:

    Whenever I...
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