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  1. Hi,

    I am using a form with some fields, in which some of the fields are set with sumbitValue : false. But the problem is even the submitValue is set to false those fields are getting submitted. It...
  2. HI existdissolve,

    Your code is running like a champ, I am really thankful to you. Once again thank you very much. :)
  3. HI existdissolve,

    I have succeeded in getting the both fields in a single cell editor. Its working fine if I use the 2 text fields, but in my requirement I need to have 1 combo and 1 textfield. In...
  4. Hi existdissolve ,

    Thanks for your reply, you have given the best solution. Right now I need to build this functionality in tree grid. In your example you have used the property grid any how...
  5. We are building an application which is using the grid to show records. Now we came across with a requirement to show 2 fields(1combo and 1 textfield) in a single cell editor. we have tried with...
  6. By using this proxy config you can read as many root elements as you want..

    reader: { type: 'json', root: function(o){ var out = []; ...
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