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  1. Thats very strange!!! No example of SQLite with ST2....
    Makes me think if using ST2 is correct choice or not.
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    Hi tomalex,

    Just wondering if your proxy is good for app which is based on PhoneGap + ST2 and SQlite database (not web sql).
    I have a SQLite database with some values added and want to use it in...
  3. Thanks for the reply. Just want to confirm that if
    Shepsil sqlite proxy is based on SQlite or web sql?
    I can add SQLite plugin to my PhoneGap app but how do i show that data back on the screen...
  4. Hi,

    I want to use the Sqlite database in an app created using ST2 + PhoneGap 2.3. I think that PhoneGap provides Storage APIs to access Sqlite database. How do i access data from PhoneGap API and...
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    I got it working by adding an "id" to button and then referencing that id in the controller.
    Thank you
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    I am trying to design a view where i need to put two button next to each other and perform some action on it. I could do that making layout = "hbox" and adding spacer in between.

  7. Thanks Ingo. It worked.
    In your first post you said "I tend to only use navigationviews in limited situations here and there,"
    Is thses a reason for that. Are these possible issues using...
  8. Thanks for the reply. i tried the way you suggected - using viewport class. The problem is how do i refere to viewport class to set active item after login. I guess i have to write...
  9. Hi,

    I am new to Sencha Touch development and trying to develope an app using it. I have been reading its docs and exmples. I would like to know what is a best approach to start an app based on...
  10. Hi,
    I have been trying to install Sencha Touch with PhoneGap on Mac (10.8.2) machine since last 2 days. No luck yet :(
    I have downloaded

    Sencha touch -2 // Under Applications/MAMP/htdocs...
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