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  1. As it turns out, the frameworks is still a bit buggy when it comes to forms and their respective input fields. I ended up creating JSON files to store the data for the translations and used an...
  2. So I have a form and its respective store. The store works fine and it keeps the data in localStorage, but when I open the app again and try to update the form with the data from localStorage it...
  3. Fixed it. I had an error defining the variables. Code above is now correct.
  4. After solving my problem with the markers I got another problem. This time, I can't add a listener (using either on or addListenermethods) after creating the panel with the map.
    Any help would be...
  5. Since the marker was not rendering at the proper time, placing it somewhere in California before the map was centered in your current location, it had to be a problem with the order in which these...
  6. That's a good solution, but since Sencha Touch works out the geolocation for you there's not much sense in doing it by yourself as you are repeating procedures, I believe.

    What I did was use a...
  7. The extra comma and closing brace were just typos.

    I figured that out just now, too. The marker is set on the default map location (a big mansion somewhere in Palo Alto). I think I might have...
  8. I've been testing on Safari and Google Chrome on Windows 7. Both are a no go. Deploying the app on my iPad also has the same problem.
  9. Hello, people.

    I'm having a great time learning Sencha Touch but it seems to me that somethings should be simpler or are buggy. What I'm trying to do right now is add a Marker to show the current...
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