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    For a global workaround see my previous post
  2. Sencha don't seem to care about Ext 3 anymore so I doubt anyone will look at or fix this bug. From looking at the Ext 4 source code it seems to suffer from the same bug, but I've not actually tried...
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    RE mouse wheel, yeah, but why cripple it for those who prefer to use scrollbars (or don't have mouse wheel e.g. laptops)? In fact this only happens for me in Chrome 16 (presumably only it supports...
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    I really don't like the new scrollbars in the documentation. It used to have standard browser scroll bars which work fine and are what people expect. Now they are thin iPhone-style ones which are...
  5. Yes. If you call getEl() right now instead of on the render event then it won't return anything as it hasn't been rendered yet.

    You can use the direct keyup event, so long as you set...
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    This issue is not quite that RTM, though RTM for title config as I posted above explains the original problem of why setTitle does not work.
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    In that case I think you'll need to delay constructing the Panel until you know if you want it to have a header/title or not. But maybe there's a way to make the header DOM but hide it until needed.
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    This happens because if the title property of a Panel is falsy at construction time the bits of the DOM to make the header in which the title is placed are not created. So if you set the title after...
  9. As you have noted, the disabled config option cannot be a function, it is a boolean. The setDisabled method needs to be called when you want to change the disabled status of the button. You would...
  10. You can disable the menu item if that's what you want to do. The problem was not with the setDisabled method, but the fact you weren't getting a reference to the menu item object to be able to call...
  11. ref does not work for items in menus as they aren't components.
  12. When I needed a simple little UI widget to graphically display a fraction I made the following. If you need to link to a store and change the value then, as darthwes says, DataView is the way to go,...
  13. Eh? Can you explain what you are doing and what goes wrong?
  14. logform.getForm().submit({
    success: function(form, action) {
    // process response ...

  15. In similar situations I have switched between a normal button and a split button. Using Ext.Action makes it easy.
  16. If you hide the arrow, doesn't it just become a regular button?
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    Read the documentation for "on" which is shorthand for addListener. Your brackets are unbalanced, so I have fixed them to make it clear where scope arguments go.

    MyComponent =...
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    That's a simple class?! If you write code like that alarm bells should be ringing about reinventing the wheel.

    function dayOfWeek(year, month, day) {
    return Date.dayNames[new Date(year, month...
  19. Yes, see my post in
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    Surprisingly enough:

    fieldset.setTitle('New title');

    To grab a reference to the fieldset you could use id, though I always recommend against it as ids are evil global variables in disguise....
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    You should set the variable visible to the boolean value true or false, not the string value 'true' or 'false'.
  22. I have also encountered IE dropping the POST data of Ajax requests. Can't remember the diagnosis, we also workedaround with a retry.
  23. That is working correctly and according to the documentation. 1 means the last day of this month of October is a Monday, which is correct.

    If you want the answer 31 then new...
  24. Do some debugging with Firebug!
  25. Another example of why ids are global variables in disguise and thus evil...
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