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  1. You are right about that but still Complete sounds a bit misleading
  2. Also Sencha Complete lacks Sencha GXT !!!

    It should be called Sencha In-Complete :D:D:D
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    2.6.1 is a bug fix release and similar to 2.6.0 and has to my knowledge no impact on GXT 3.1
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    GXT 3.1 final just came out :D
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    GXT 3.0.x does not work with GWT 2.6.x only GWT 2.5.x
    GXT 3.1.x does not work with GWT 2.5.x only GWT 2.6.x

    GXT 3.1-beta is pretty mature at this time but you better wait for beta2 that fixes a...
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    @ikolomiet: we are using 3.1 beta and found some bugs that are fixed in SVN (maybe beta2 soon). Everything seems pretty stable thus far (using Classic theme) and we are preparing for internal release...
  7. You just made me cry
  8. Are you serious ??? ?
  9. Hah, not going to argue about the wisdom of our elders :D we have too much to learn.

    Do you use DeftJS (

    Those help me out a lot, for the love of IoC *grins wickedly*

  10. Thank you for clarifying. I think that most people are trying to follow those patterns but that's not the issue at hand (tough it might be the issue for some). This topic is about the stability of...
  11. Glad to hear someone that is happy with the way it is going on. I'm also from the 2.x branch. To be honest you make it sound like you take out of the box examples and work on them. Or maybe you need...
  12. is not sufficient so don't bother with that one.

    TBH i don't think they are ready to release just jet. IMHO 4.2.2 will never be released as GPL but that's just speculation ofc. 4.2.3 is...
  13. No big news. Nightly is ok but still some minor issues they need to resolve. Nobody knows how many bugs left since there is no open bug tracking system in place for us.

    Just be patient it's a...
  14. They might be releasing it very soon as stable. I still have many issues with the current nightly so don't expect everything to be fixed in your situation.

    Maybe this week .. See change notes from...
  15. No, just nightly builds of the beta available for subscribers. It's not stable. I tried yesterday again some new stuff broken.

    It's getting better tough, not all negativity ofc :)
  16. I have been testing a lot of the nightlies lately, it sure aint ready for release. New bugs are introduced with each build it seems
  17. When setting 1 column to locked: true this bug reopens.
  18. As far as I know 4.2.2 is in the (bre/m)aking. Beta builds are run nightly. Don't you just love the silence. :D And to be really honest I am getting sick and tired by the lack of response here on the...
  19. Look at: in IE8 scroll a bit to the right and select a cell/row.

    When i am doing a lot of record.set(field, val) it...
  20. Since AbstractSummary is used as Mixin and is Extended i override the Summary feature and next to isSummary i add isSummaryFeatureSummary like this:

    Ext.override(Ext.grid.feature.Summary, {
  21. Sencha lazy bastards

    Ext.override(Ext.grid.feature.GroupStore, {
    processStore: function(store) {
    var me = this,
    groups = store.getGroups(),
    groupCount =...
  22. Good question. Personally i think EXTJS 4.2.1 is a shameful release with so many bugs i need at least 10 patches and a lot of custom code to keep things working. It would be nice to at least see some...
  23. I found a workaround.

    convert: function (value, record) {
    // Hands off !!
    return value;

  24. Dear Sencha Support,

    do you perhaps have some kind of workaround for the time being, i'm on a slippery schedule :-?

    Best regards,
  25. The calculations are incorrect in 4.2.x

    Remove 1 summary from a column and see the difference when switching between 4.1.1 and 4.2.x in jsFiddle.

    Like this example:
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