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  1. he following is my code . :)
    cors :true
    url: '',

    success: function(response, options) {
  2. the following is my code . :)
    cors :true
    url: '',

  3. my friend but the cors works fine in IE8 ,
    It's doesn't work fine in Firefox . The version i used is Firsfox 6.0.1
  4. I have to use cross domain request and handle the reponse text .
    Do anyone get some ideas ?
  5. hi guys ,
    I want to call the method doRequest in class directly.
    And i will deal with the response text as i want.

    But i don't know the parameters mean for doRequest.

  6. hi Friends:
    it seems to be that the scripttagproxy couldn't abort the request.
    it will call the loadexception if the request is timeout.
    Then i aborted the request in loadexception.
    But i still...
  7. hi guys :
    I met a problem.
    I couldn't catch the 404 error exception.
    In my case,I have to stop a task when the exception happened.
    Any suggestions for me ?

    PS: the following is my code.
  8. i meet the same problem
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    come on man.
    is there some other surprise for me?
    that's to say.
    is there some other charts of open-source js framework for us?
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    i'm playing with line charts in EXTJS3.2.1 in IE7.
    and the version of swf is 2.8.0

    but it's very slow for me to show about 4-5 charts which just has 2-3 lines each.
    and the amount of the data...
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    hi guys.
    i played with charts 2.8.0

    i created a linechart in a panel.
    and the issue is coming.
    i'll throw js error at the time i destroy the panel after i add tipRenderer to the chart.
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    hi~~my friend .
    how did you fix that?
    i think i meet the some situation~~pls help me
  13. hi guys.
    i meet a problem .
    the pie charts show slowly.
    i just have 4 pie charts and less than 15 records / per chart.
    but all the charts display slowly.
    who has some experiences to improve this...
  14. hi guy , the issues was solved. it is the problem with version of charts.
    we use extjs 3.1.1 ,so the version of charts is 2.7.0
    and then i upgraded the version to 2.8.0.
    the number of yfield is...
  15. thx ,
    i don't use YUI CHART
    i just use ext 3.2.1
  16. hi,guys
    i'm working on line chart in our project.
    i found an issus,that is:
    the numbers in the store of line chart.
    if the number is more than 1 ,the chart can display.
    otherwise , one of the...
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