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  1. Ran into same bug in 4.1.0, is there an easy workaround?
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    this is the wrong forum for this post, please post this inside the appropriate community. I.E. Touch 2.0 or Extjs 4.0. You will also want to check out the dataview examples and try to understand that...
  3. this is still true in 4.0.7
  4. These 'render' and 'afterrender' issues are preventing me from migrating to 4.1.

    I also am having render issues with floating panels. I get an error everytime i try to create a panel that is...
  5. but your fix breaks the menus for columns in a grid? how is that a viable solution if it causes more issues elsewhere. go to a grid. hide a column through the column header menu and then try to...
  6. I may be crazy, but i dont see any examples on the github page
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    eh, VS can be annoying for JS. but i was trying to say that i dont think there will be a dedicated IDE for JS because the compiled language will always take precedent. Lets just hope those IDEs will...
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    Just use notepad++ if VS is that annoying to you. The latest version of Resharper is suppose to have JS intellisense but i haven't tried it out. The IDE will always be determined by the compiled...
  9. your right, the valueField should be all the server needs. i know in the past Ive sent both to make it easier on the backend and i don't remember why and i know that its not ideal.

    in the app im...
  10. i need to pass the valueField and the displayField to the server. the name is the value, the displayName carries the displayValue
  11. I was wondering how other people have solved this... i saw how Stevil did it, but i am using a formPanel and not an html submit. I need this in a new application im building and to migrate my...
  12. this is really frustrating, i'd love to know a timetable of when i can use the latest version of compass and not have to use an old version
  13. this is really frustrating, i'd love to know a timetable of when i can use the latest version of compass and not have to use an old version
  14. try using

    that solved a simular issue for me.

    the fact the reconfigure doesn't do what its suppose to is really frustrating.
  15. what s.busch and others have articulated.


    I have extended the REST proxy to accomplish this, but its not the cleanest solution...
  16. I'm trying to pitch Extjs MVC for a new product my company is working on, can we get an update if it is expected to be in 4.1 or not? this may be a deal breaker for us.
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