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  1. it´s not fair that only suscribers have access to the new version.........even if we have a valid license for extJs
  2. I have the same error
    It fixed if we add the path for the app in the paths config of the Ext.loader, ie:

    disableCaching: false,
    enabled: true,
    paths: {
  3. Excellent library............

    I only have one could be possible to add a level config to the AppenderBase class.....
    that´s way we can log message at specific level...
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    I was thinking in something more easy..........just to validate the expression according the views that you have in the project. It was very useful, because if we write an invalid query expression,...
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    It would be nice add the future to validate the query expression that we set in control query actions and reference
  6. Sencha Architect 2.1.0 Build 637Windows 7

    When i try to set the property require for a view using the * char, it raise an exception message, that the char is invalid.

    For example, i cannot set...
  7. I already find the way to do that............At the end of the command, just add the option > debug.txt
    And it create a file name it debug.txt, in the current folder
  8. If i put the option --debug to a sencha command, it generate a lot of information, but its dificult to read all the information in the command prompt.

    How ca i do to send all that information to a...
  9. I try to use the compiler with latin caracters like áéíóú.

    When i use the default compression option (yui) , it doesn´t show the correct characters.

    If i use google closure compression, it...
  10. When i try the following command:

    sencha generate controller security.User

    It generate the class, but with the name of security.User.js, and it doesn't create the folder security.

    the same...
  11. if you want to use it...........

    1. download sencha sdk version 2 beta3 and install it
    2. download the code and replace the files in your instalation folder
    3. At the command prompt run, for...
  12. that´s can check out the new sencha looks good........
  13. my mistake................the proyect is public now :)
  14. It use Ext.ComponentQuery.query(ref)[0] , as you can see, if the component query return more than one component, it return the first item in the array...............

    In the case of controller...
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    It was usefull, if we could add comments to functions in the Arquitect..........
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    this plugin is for TextField, and it works with ext4.1.1, and is base on the following thread

    this is an example...
  17. The problem is with the yui compressor options....just find in the Project.js file the getCompressor methods and add the option --charset Utf8
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    it looks great.................thanks for sharing
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    if windows is 64 bit.......... try to install java for x86..................
  20. i just add support to compress using google closure Compiler.........
    how to use it:
    sencha build -p myapp.jsb3 -d /outpurdir/ -t gcc

    if you omit -t gcc, it use yui compressor

    You can check...
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    You can try function with Ext 4
  22. Don't use the app.js that generate sencha arqt... Use your own......
    I upload an example that use aspnet mvc 3... The sencha arqt. app is in the script folder... The url is : ...
  23. When will it available this next minor version ??
  24. I try to add a custom property named plugins (to add a plugin in a TextField), but it doesn´t accept an object value:

    { ptype : 'mycustomplugin' }
  25. In the version 2.0 build 442, i can't add a plugins property to a component.

    if i try to add like a custom property, it doesn´t accept an object value, it put the value like a string my component...
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