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  1. with JsonP.
  2. How to call service with parameters on button click event ? Please suggest me.

    Myservice url are:-http://localhost:51047/SenchaTest/login.aspx
    and parameters are:- UserId and Password
  3. My service is calling when page is loaded. I want to call service when button is clicked. My application codes are like below:-

    Ext.define("NotesApp.view.Login", {
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    I have login page with UserId , Password and Submit button. after click of submit button first time I am not getting correct result but clicking of submit button again(Second time ) get...
  5. Thnx.:)
  6. Could you please explain that how can get the params values of Sencha touch 2 in asp .net page.I am calling service like below in sencaha page:-

    Ext.define("", {
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    How to append url in proxy ? My scenario are like below:
    I have two variable strUsername and strPassword they contains values strUsername ="Doe" and strPassword "xyz".
    url is...
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