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  1. Do you mean that the expected result is that the item is already selected in the callback?
    I thought that it shouldn't be selected (after all, the itemtap event is called before the select event if...
  2. I registered to a list's itemtap event in 3 ways:
    1. Using the control config of a controller
    2. Using the list's listeners config
    3. Using the "on" method on the view instance

    In each callback...
  3. I thought I'd introduce a delay using pure CSS, by adding a transition and a transition delay to the background-image of the list item.
  4. I'm trying to deselect a list item after it is selected.
    I want to create an iOS-like behavior in which when a list item is selected, it is highlighted for a second and then automatically deselected...
  5. I created a simple view with 2 radio buttons and a text field.
    When I try to set a value for the text field from the view initialize method, it works fine.
    But when I try to do the same for the...
  6. REQUIRED INFORMATIONExt version tested:

    Sencha Touch 2.1.0 RC2
    Browser versions tested against:

    Chrome 22
    Safari 5.1

    When nesting an item inside a grouped list and...
  7. In my opinion, this bug is underrated.

    It breaks a very basic behavior in lists, which are very basic and highly used components.
    The result, as I already wrote in the Q&A forum, is that lists...
  8. Thanks jweber,

    So frustrating!
    I guess I'll have to dig in the CSS and try to find the differences between List and DataView.
  9. Anyone?

    It's very important to me.
  10. Maybe you're trying to display the store count before it was fully loaded.
    Try using this code in your view:

    var store = Ext.getStore("LocalStore");
    store.load(function(records, operation,...
  11. Thanks Mitchell,

    I'm familiar with these events.
    But the exception event is raised by the AjaxProxy, as opposed to the write event which is raised by the store itself.
    So if I follow the example...
  12. I'm using 2.1.0 RC2.

    I think there's a bug in this version, which makes it impossible to set scrollable: false on lists.
    As a result, lists can't be nested in panels with vbox layout anymore,...
  13. I have a model with an Ajax proxy, and a store which holds the model instances.
    What is the right way to handle errors in the store sync process?
    Let's say I'm adding a new record to the store and...
  14. Replies
    I came across this proxy today and tried using it.
    I couldn't help but notice that the records I updated or added to the store had their "dirty" property set to true even after I called sync().
  15. I was finally able to make it work.
    The solution was adding "layout: fit" to the config of the main panel, and add a nested panel with vbox layout to hold both the list and the button.
    There is no...
  16. I tried setting the height/minHeight properties of the list.
    Even that doesn't solve the problem, because if I set the height/minHeight to a value greater than the screen height, every scrolling I...
  17. Thanks for the answer.

    I don't want to give the list a specific height, because I don't know how many items it will hold.
    Maybe there's a way to get the full height of the list in code and set it...
  18. I want to create a view that has a TitleBar docked to the top, a list and a button.
    I want the list to take the height it needs, and I don't want to dock the button to the bottom - if the list is...
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