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    I just purchased the complete bundle and received an activation code. I was able to use that to create a support account but not to activate Architect 3. It says ivalid authorization code. There is...
  2. Maybe this will hep fixing up the 2.2 release :

    After installation 2.2 will create an empty Sencha Architect 2.2 directory under users. Since 2.1 launched without problems, I duplicated the...
  3. I'm sorry if this is off topic, but I too have the problem where Architect 2.2 doesn't start. I just downloaded the evaluation package and installed it and it doesn't do anything.

    When I click...
  4. I apologize if this is not the proper section to post this. I just installed the trial of Architect and the icon is sitting on my desktop. However when I click on it, apart from the short spining of...
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