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  1. I had the same issue with the icons. What I did was setup a class with the attribute and then applied the class beforecardswitch. That let the icons render first without issue.

    this.tabPanel =...
  2. Looks like it's a known issue with Sencha touch.
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    Same thing here. Recreated using Kitchen Sink demo on a Droid X2 running Android 2.2.
  4. I'm working on building out a simple app right now and everything looks great in mobile Safari, but for some reason on Android devices there is a blink when switching between tab panels. You click,...
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    I have a TabPanel that houses a couple different tabs. The first tab is a list of about 70-120 items (varies by day) and around 20 of those have a small 90px image in them. The other panels are just...
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    That worked perfectly! I was missing the tabBar object I was missing out on. Thanks a million!
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    Hi everyone, thanks in advance for any help you can give me on this. I'm pretty new to Sencha Touch/EXT and thusly am at a loss for how to solve this issue. I have a tabpanel that loads in content...
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