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  1. we have server side filtering already working with the gridfilter, so it shouldn't be too much of a problem to get it done with our own, new filters in the headers. thx a lot!
  2. Thanks for the info. I'm not the one who chooses where the filters should reside, it's a requirement. As no one is filter for "less than" or similar, there is only one field used for the filter per...
  3. i'm referring to using GXT-specific classes for pagination, filtering and sorting with RPC services. the documentation for these is non-existing, even though GXT is awesome in every other way.
  4. Hi,

    searched through the forum and the internet, and I haven't found a proper solution for the following problem in GXT3.0: we need to have the filter's input field in the header of a grid/column...
  5. I can only confirm what the thread creator stated - it is more or less extremely hard to get into GXT with the given tutorials, especially since GXT3.x breaks most of them. While the user interface...
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