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  1. umm, since I have work to deliver soonish, is it possible to add a VM and VC to a component that I dragged off of the toolbox? Also, please define "SOON"thanksBruce
  2. nope, the errors I am getting is that "data" is null or undefined (which sort of makes sense during design when tables are not loaded.) Also, you are throwing an error, which sort of makes sense...
  3. Aaron, you are telling me, if you have Title Align Center, then dbl click on the title to edit it, it does not go all the way to the left and you see 2 copies of the Title?
  4. The only 2 ways I know to copy a component to a new SA project is to either add it to the toolbox (fastest) or export it, then go to the new project and import it. However, when I now drag it from...
  5. umm, no component has an itemid of '' (at least I looked at all of them and could not find one. The error happens before the page is loaded, so I have no clue how to set a break point as the...
  6. More fun converting from 4.2.3 to 5. I can get it to build fine, no errors, when I try to run the preview or the built app. I get the above error. Looking at the trace, I have no clue what...
  7. I use a custom framework path in my apps, pointing to 5.0.2. How can I confirm what version is being used in sa during design ?
  8. maybe I am not asking the question properly. I want all of my grids to default to NOT show a loading mask. I thought by including this JS, it would do the job. How can I, should I?ThanksBruce
  9. In the log, I see many lines like the following:

    Any way to get more info, like which component is raising this error?


  10. So, all grids, by default, show a loading mask when the store is loaded, I wanted to have this gone by default, so I included the following JS resource (called Panel.js)

  11. I am getting this error on a 5.0.2 app in SA 3.1 . I have NO clue where to look to see what I did wrong? (this is displayed before the app starts, so a "debugger" in the launch event is too late.)...
  12. Yes, all 3 of them... didn't help. I have not tried this in a few weeks, perhaps the new 5.02 will help? Wish my boss gave me enough free time to try more.Bruce
  13. I am pretty familiar with componentQuery and know how I can search with it. I am trying to understand if there is a more "MVVM" way. In the MVC days, I was in a controller, so would create a...
  14. are you telling me that in the following:

    xtype: 'container',
    items: [
    xtype: 'tripscustomertotals'
    xtype: 'tripsroutetotals'
  15. I have a panel that has 4 grids on it

    In one grid, in the viewController I want to update the title of a child (sibling) grid.
    I am writing:
  16. oh yea, and when I bring up a grid in design mode, dbl-click to change the title, enter the new title, press enter, I am in CODE view! It's sort of like magic!btw, this is on OS x
  17. Try it. You will see the edit on the left and the text still displayed in the center.


    ALSO, selecting a column in design mode is "interesting" if i single click on the right side of a...
  18. Let me tell you why I would not find this the optimal solution.1) If I ever decide to add a tab between the Customers and Orders, this logic breaks2) If I want to take either component (customers or...
  19. Replies
    Bingo! you are right. It IS in a viewController. Your answer worked fine. Gracious!Bruce
  20. I tried that.. The D&D worked, but the loadMask was still displayed. I realized that the loadMask is part of the viewConfig, so I tried: Ext.applyIf(config, {viewConfig : {loadMask: false}}); This...
  21. Assume I an not using the history manager. Is there a way to run some functionality when a user presses the backspace key or is History the only way to do that now?


  22. Nope, and Nope. No Errors. I deleted all of the bootstrap files and still I have a blank (error-free) screen in browswer
  23. Here is the class that has the initConfig and this will NOT drag / drop

    Ext.define('OPS.view.Trips.TripStops', {
    extend: 'Ext.grid.Panel',
    alias: 'widget.tripstripstops',

    requires: [...
  24. You say you use NEXT(). I am not familiar how you can use that to find siblings. An example please.Thanks for the response, I am a little confused with your question. Yes, I would like to use...
  25. I run the convert, all seems good (once I move my EXT folder), it builds fine, no errors, but when i go to either preview or run the built app, I have an empty screen. Nothing in the console. This...
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