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  1. I have always preferred server side solutions to a client grid export. This works direct with the data and client version issues are eliminated.

  2. That is fine, just trying to identify the problem since I cannot reproduce this.

    If you could update my example to show the problem, that would be helpful since I cannot run your code.
  3. This is a known issue and has been corrected for the next release. I have provided a link to the bug report at the top of this thread.

  4. You can use allowBlank for the field, or setup a vtype and then use form.isValid() to validate the fields. They will show with a red box around the field. You can also setup notices for each field.
  5. So you are just facing the problem when hiding from grid header and not in code?

    see if this is close to what you have.

    Ext.onReady(function() {

    var store =...
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    1) Yes a loop would be the correct way to handle this. This was just a quick example. The developer should be responsible.
    2) You should be able to use rejectChanges()
  7. Where is your code to hide your column?
  8. See if this will help:

    laste code in fiddle:

    Ext.onReady(function() {

    var store = Ext.create('', {
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    See if this is something close to what you were looking for:
  10. So same issue on local install? Your screen is difficult to see output.

    Is it only the calendar?
    If you open your network tab, do all of the JS files load on your XHR?
  11. I would like to see the results of a local web install. I suspect a bad hop or something that may not be loading everything in a timely manner.
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    You could use the following:

    success: function (proxy, operations) {
    // server returned success(t/f) and message
    }, failure: function...
  13. Tried Chrome 38, FF34, and IE10 with no failure.

    Can you expand the error message you see in the console and set a break to see where this is happening?

    Please try and download and run form a...
  14. Please see the following test case:

    You will need to get the height from somewhere. Either a parent container with a fit layout, or a specified height for...
  15. Perhaps you could provide more detail. Is this only on a Windows box that you see the problem?

    Please see the following:
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    You can use setValue('1') and also use getSubmitValue() to get inputValue
  17. A quick workaround was provided above and it has been resolved for next release.

    You could also login to the portal and get the build to already includes this update.

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    Please see the following example. You can paste code in a new fiddle:

    The values you are expecting to see are on submit, not the boolean value of the control itself.

    If you click on submit, you...
  19. If you have different forms, I would then use a card layout that presents each component based on selection by selecting that page.
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    See the following example:!/example/form/xml-form.html
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    The tree store does not support paging at this time. There are a few threads that provide possible options, but they are not supported.

    Feel free to see if they help: ( use at your own risk )...
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    You would most likely need to contact the author of the UX.
  23. Have a look at:
  24. Please see the following: ( same for Ext 4.2.3 )
  25. Why not just the grid right away with a loadmask set and then call to show the mask while gathering the data?
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