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    One small issue I had which might not matter for most, is that this plugin does not have an event for the scrollbar appearing.

    If you have page that doesnt scroll, then suddenly some ajax event...
  2. Has this received any attention lately? I have the same issue with autoheight on a vbox not working. I'm using 3.2 I believe and it's still broken :(.
  3. I don't believe this is working for me. Unless I'm applying it wrong... Just run this at the beginning of Ext.onReady correct?

    My behavior is basically the first portal that loads has two .50...
  4. I'm also hit by this in my application. Any workaround for the rest of us/
  5. I'm using a grouping tab panel and in my particular situation have no left over screen real-estate for a few "actions" links. My app is displaying real time updating graphs so I can't move them...
  6. Make the width slightly less than the parent component by enough to not cover the scrollbar. Maybe even have the alignment code check if there are scrollbars first and only shrink it when they are...
  7. Posted full version here since someone on IRC asked and said it wasn't obvious which code snippit to use.

    This one has my additional function for handling visibility.

  8. I also found that my new function didn't properly handle collapsed panels, so i added a quick check for that. Updated code below.

    parentsVisible: function(start) {
    var current =...
  9. I solved this by adding a new function to the GhostBar superclass called "parentsVisible" which simply accepts a start object and traverses it back up until there is no parent. It checks each step...
  10. That's what I instantly thought, but remembered how much help I got simply trying to extend my first component(zero), and decided I wouldn't undertake that one.
  11. In my case I *always* use the plugin inside a shadeable panel.

    My hack was to simply check twice and never any higher. Also added a hide for when it fails the test yet it's visible.

    The other...
  12. From what I'm finding, this.ownerCt.isVisible() returns true even when it really isnt.

    I'm confused because the ghostbar is a plugin to a panel which is inside a tab panel.

    When either the...
  13. The new fading is really nice.

    I do however still have the bug about ghostbars showing up when a panel with one is collapsed.

    The same exact URL I pm'ed you previously shows that behavior in...
  14. I ended up solving the big issue.... All that's remaining is the GhostBar showing up at the top of the screen for containers that are hidden or shaded.

    Example to reproduce....

    Make two panels...
  15. I've found this tremendously useful and wanted to say thanks!

    I'm having a few issues though... when used as a plugin for a Panel that can shade, the toolbar will appear at the top left of the...
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