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  1. I figured it out, before I load the store I had to call:
    planTreeGridStore.setRootNode({ expanded: true });
  2. To me it seems like the grid is unaware of the store changing. As I said I am doing this in a controller which references the store:

    stores: ['CurrentPlan'],

    In my Grid panel config I have:
  3. Thanks. The JSON returned is identical if my store config is root: { expanded: false } or root: { expanded: true }. However, in the later case my grid is populated. To me this indicates it is not...
  4. I am using Ext JS 4.1. I have a TreeGrid which I want to lazily load only after a user has selected which data they want loaded. To prevent the TreeGrid's store from loading automatically I have...
  5. The resources still appear to be missing in the final 4.1 release.
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