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    I've developed a few apps with ExtJS v4.1.x that are responsive.

    The basics parts are:

    Layout controller to watch for "page" size and orientation changes.
    Layout view with panels for each...
  2. The application is now live, and reasonably responsive on most supported desktop browsers, still have some issues on mobile devices, mostly iPhones.
  3. Yes, I believe you're right.

    It's a major bummer, and I wished I'd remembered this...would have saved me a lot of debugging.

  4. Hi,

    ExtJS v4.1.3

    I have a Store that's retrieving data via JSONP. However, if I don't pass in a valid authorization code, the remote service, correctly, returns an HTTP 401 Unauthorized. ...
  5. Yes, you were absolutely correct.

    Once I made your suggested modifications, the time spent inside that routine went from 11% down to 4%.

    Rendering (in IE10) is still a bit slower than I'd...
  6. Your example below is working fine (thanks!) I guess I didn't see it when I looked last.

    I am encountering one issue...there's a few cases, where i'm creating around 300 buttons via this...
  7. No not sensitive data. It's either store details (location, phone #, hours), a list of stores, or directions to a particular store. None of that info is sensitive.

    I am encoding the data prior...
  8. ExtJS 4.1.3

    I'm providing an option for users to email the results of some analysis.

    But to avoid misuse, I'm first presenting a reCAPCHA.

    To make my life easy, I'm injecting the content...
  9. Confirmed to not work even with an XTemplate instance.
  10. I have it working fine now.

    I have my own Ext.onReady closure that I create during the app onLaunch. I wait until that has fired before I try to use, and that appears...
  11. I'm just using the tpl property of a box (xtype). I don't know which type of template is used under-the-hood.

    FYI: I tried your CTemplate stuff out a short-while-ago, but didn't seem to want to...
  12. The app is under an NDA at the moment...not sure what I could provide.

    It will be publicly accessible in a month or so, I can give you the URL then if you're interested.

    To save myself grief,...
  13. No, that didn't work either.
  14. I figured-out the problem.

    One of the panels being moved around uses the Column layout (which is great for Responsive Design). Once I changed it to another layout, everything works fine...but now...
  15. I've found that if I set a height on the new container, that the rest of the page will render, but not the new container.

    Better than the whole page being blank...but not that much of an...
  16. Nope, that's not the problem...

    I put a listener on my panels that get moved, and the "render" event is firing, even though they're in an "inactive" card panel.

    The new container is created and...
  17. I believe (now that I've slept on it a bit) that the problem is that none of the components had yet to be rendered...they're in a card layout that hasn't been activated.

    I think I need to wait...
  18. Hi evant, Is this supposed to work for ExtJS v4.1.3? I'm getting an error when the new container is being rendered. Essentially, the container's "el" property hasn't been created. Is there...
  19. Thanks.

    There's a big difference between, "create a new layout" and "recreate the component".
  20. I think there must be a bit more to it than that...or at least, I'd like to know how to do it correctly.

    This code isn't working:

    me.getRouteResultsPanel().layout =
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    The title property of the config object for show() takes HTML, so you can put anything you like in it.
  22. ExtJS v4.1.3

    I have a custom Ext.util.Format function, which I want to consume within a template like this:

    tpl:[ '{.:address()}' ]

    however, I only seem to be able to apply the format...
  23. ExtJS v4.1.3

    I have custom library Proxy code that needs to access a given controller in-order to function correctly.

    I pass the name of the controller in the Proxy constructor, so that it can...
  24. I took care of the issue inside the ext-debug.js, but it wasn't a problem once the app was "built/compiled"...and I didn't make any changes to the underlying source.
  25. I believe ExtJS v4.2.x is supposed to make the scopeRessetCSS settings etc. obsolete.

    I'd been waiting for 4.2 to stabilize before migrating to it, and that project got put on hold, so I never got...
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