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    Yes, but my real problem is:
    - I need to center checkbox inside <td>.

    Can I achieve this without creation of additional panel?
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    It must be something like this:

    {html: this.lang.fiemail_support, style: 'padding-left: 20px'}, // padding works

    {items: {xtype: 'checkbox', id: 'fiemail_support_has', name:...
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    I have panel (item in formpanel):

    title: this.lang.services_head,
    layout: 'table',
    defaults: {bodyStyle:'padding:5px; font-size: 11px;',...
  4. I know for what captchas are using. :)
    I forgot to login and captcha was appeared - yes it used only for anonymous users.

    But captcha used on Search page is not user-friendly. I have offered to...
  5. Please, remove this terrible captcha! I tried six time to guess how pass it, but can't!

    Please, use more user-friendly captchas, like "recaptcha" or something like it.
  6. Thanks for fast and excellent answer!
  7. Hi.

    I try to map my JSON data in Record by such way:

    var store = new{
    // ...

    // ...
  8. I selected packtag.

    It is simple to use:

    // detect should we compress JS and CSS or not
    String compressed = "true";
    String reqNonCompressed =...
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    Do not reinvent the bicycle.

    Use basex to catch HTTP errors.

    When session was expired, simply out HTTP 401 Error on server side.
  10. {
    // your button code
    listeners: {
    click: function(aButton) {
  11. 2kabachaa

    First, look at your array. It is not empty:


    shows "1".
  12. Hi!
    After searching solution for "clearable" combo I compiled solution for clearable option for combobox. Here it is:

    Ext.override(Ext.form.ComboBox, {

    clearable: false,

  13. 2 Condor

    Thank you very much!
    I tried to fix it using CSS, but no result.
  14. Thanks! It works.

    Some similar threads:

    Need to use google more effectively :)
  15. Hello!

    I can't figured out how to show user that Grid is empty, if grid uses SimpleStore. Here the test code:

    <div id="grid-example"></div>

    <script type="text/javascript">
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    [not a doc bug]

    Posted later in this topic:

    Please, add to documentation:

    To all classes:
    1. xtype in header
  17. Thank you very much!

    Using the HTTP status 401 for catching session timeouts is the great idea!

    Base X Extension
  18. Hello!

    I have application with authorization. User session lives 30 minutes on server, then dies if user is not active (user not sent AJAX requests to server). I need to catch situation, when...
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    2 manube

    Please, provide us some examples :)
    How do you using extension (set values etc.)
  20. I had wrote letter to Jack with my offer to be volunteer, but has not got answer :(

    I have another little documentation improvement request:
    Let user know version from which the component is...
  21. It is not problem to adjust sheduler.

    The problem is how to compose Javascript files on build process. I found Animal post using ANT in build process: ...
  22. Thanks for fast reply!

    Sure, I mean that it (composing and compression) will be on build stage. Only once, not for every browser request.

    How to achieve this on build process?
  23. Hello!

    When developing large application, you have big amount of .js files and index.jsp(php, asp) looks like this:

    <script src="mymodule1.js"...></script>
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    I'm agree with dezo3 about licensing FAQ.

    The first question maybe like this:
    I'm using ExtJS as GUI framework. My GUI interacts with servlets on server (servlet is returning JSON only, not ExtJS...
  25. Hi!

    It will be very handy to include component 'xtype' into the header in API documentation for component.

    For example, here:

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