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  1. Is there a migration path defined for those of us who've made use of Ext.ux.tree.ColumnTree?

    The alternative that we had previous set aside (for performance reasons, if I remember correctly) has...
  2. ...but is good in IE8.

    In IE7, even though I've set the first node to 'expanded', the children are not shown. The twistie indiciates that we've children, but these rows are not shown.

  3. OK...found a far it seems at the very least acceptable.

    My JSON includes an HTML anchor. I then add an event to the tree to listen for the 'click' event, and if the event's...
  4. Little steps.

    We're not looking to rewrite the entire app in ExtJS. We're looking to use ExtJS to help solve cross-browser issues, and maybe enhance the UI where it's simple to do so.

  5. Ditto on all...we have the same requirements, where one column is a link to another (more detailed) page.

    Interesting note...the link that I create behaves in all other ways appropriately, just...
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