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  1. They are meant to do the same thing as far as setting up an event, but what events it catches is different from the example. I did realize shortly after posting this that I was setting player to the...
  2. We have this player that offers the ability to catch events that it throws in different situations. I have an example snippet of javascript from the player. I'm struggling to set it up and wondering...
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    3.1 Final is still not released yet correct?
  4. I have a grouping grid displaying contents of a task list where I group by content title. I also allow them to select group by user, where I simply change the group by column to user.

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    I can't seem to find any way existing way to catch list view double clicks. Is there something in place that will do this or do I need to extend ListView?
  6. Wow yes, the person described it as this because they were setting a class variable ud = this in the constructor of the widget. That made me think it was some predefined javascript variable but makes...
  7. I formed that function based on an example I saw of someone using javascript in gxt and it was explained to me that ud represents a qualifier for "this".

    Either way I'm not sure if thats a...
  8. I have this situation where I need to show links on the screen with anchor html tags. When they are clicked, rather than triggering a new page request I want to call into a javascript function which...
  9. So could I extend say ToggleButtonCell and inside that extension make it use another appearance?

    Up to this point now I've tried extending ButtonCellAppearance and creating a button like this:
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    I thought you might say that, there really has to be a better way to do this but what you could do as a work around is have the call back of that rpc call another method that does something like...
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    Stick the rpc call inside of a custom validator: (I'm not sure if this is the best way to do this, there has to be a better way but this would work)

    private class UniqueNameValidator extends...
  12. In your example you could just use local variables: (Changes marked bold)

    public class TestForum implements EntryPoint {

    private ContentPanel root;
    private TextBox...
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    Using a standard RPC call similar to: (We build our rpc's using a factory that is not important)

    CustomRPCFactory.getJobService(true).checkJobNameUnique(null, jobName.getValue(), new...
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    What we do to validate the username is make and RPC call down to the server that performs a count on the associated table for that username, if the value comes back >=1 we return a false validation,...
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    You can do it a few different ways but the recommended approach from the GXT Appearance Design article is that you should extend ButtonBarAppearance.

    I often use the client bundle styling...
  16. You didn't explain how you are currently calling the value. Whenever I need to get the value of a combobox I use:

  17. I've just extended the ButtonCellDefaultAppearance class to my own custom appearance. I don't want to use this appearance for every button instance through out the product. I only want to use this in...
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    I'm in the middle of restyling an entire app to meet the requirements handed down to me and I've figured almost all of them out using just css styles and setting setStylePrimaryName. The only one I...
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    Sure, we're using a GWT extension called GWT-Platform. We're using this extension for several different reasons most of which you can get from reading the documentation for it; LINK.

    Through out...
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    902 I've done before this post was about 1 minute premature. I had tried all kinds of things and after I posted this got the idea to look for grid.getView().layout() and that did it.

    You can...
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    I'm currently using GWT-P which allows our app to remember a state in which you left a view. I believe it only builds the view from scratch the very first time its entered. After that it just...
  22. I'm trying to do the exact same thing so in my searchs I came across this post. I'm assuming this guys not still around considering these were his only two posts. The example references files that...
  23. I have built a very simple grid with checkbox and name columns. For some reason the checkboxes themselves seem like they are read-only. I have to click the actual row to get the box to populate. This...
  24. I've built a search/query bar for our product with a bunch of combo's search boxes followed by a search and reset button using a HorizontalLayoutConainter as a container. I'm curious if there is an...
  25. Just noticed this is only happening when scrolling via draggin on the scroll bar. How can I prevent that from firing the drag event.
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