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    What about renames? I had an existing project with the sdk in "extjs" instead of "ext". I tried running through those same steps listed above, but with "-classpath=extjs/src", and got the following...
  2. Taking this example:

    you can set fill: false by changing layout from a string to a config (side note - setting fill: false in...
  3. My mistake. sourceConfig is not available until 4.1.2.

    I assumed that sourceConfig was older than 4.1.x since I saw somewhere that propertyNames is going away very soon - 4.2. So if you are on...
  4. I'm trying to figure out how to use sourceConfig in PropertyGrid. Nothing seemed to work for me. (v 4.1.1)

    For example, take the example here:...
  5. The interesting thing here is that the regex for urls does not allow spaces. But Javascript's test() method for regex returns true if is testing a string that contains substrings that match the regex...
  6. Using ExtJS 4.1.1

    The url vtype thinks the following URL is valid:
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