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  1. Any updates on this issue?
    What is causing the problem, does GXT try to display an image does doesn't exists or what? I get this problem when running hosted mode, but there are no output in the log...
  2. Hi!

    I have a simular problem: If RPC fails for my pagable grid I want to 'manually' enable my PageingToolBar. I do this by calling toolbar.enable(), the problem is that the loading.gif icon...
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    The strange thing is that it isn't the new Info().show() that disapears, it's the other Info.display() that is not showing..

    According to your explination it would be the other way around, no?
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    But I need to be able to explicty close the Info when I want rather then wait for the time specified in InfoConfig.display. The only way I figured I do this is be calling .hide() on the Info-message...
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    If you make two com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.widget.Info messages, the first by calling:

    new Info().show(conf);

    and second by calling
  6. I'm using GXT 1.1.3 and GWT 1.5.3

    I've discovered that the com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.widget.form.DateField accepts dates like 2009-16-78. If reading the entered Date you will get the value...
  7. What are your thoughts about this? I need to know if you consider this a bug, that will be fixed, or if I have to implement restrictions on the year my self.
  8. Hi!

    I'm using GXT 1.1.3 and GWT 1.5.3

    I have a problem using the Date field with a DateTimePropertyEditor. I'm using the ISO8601 standard for date formatting, that is: YYYY-MM-DD

    My code...
  9. The main scrollbar in my Browser (IE 7.0) gets disabled when a open a new Window (com.extjs.gxt.ui.client.widget.Window) in my gxt-application. If the new Window is larger than the Browser, there is...
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    I've discovered that the popup messages generated with Info.display(InfoConfig) always are displayed at the lowest available slot on the screen. If you display a number of messages in a sequence,...
  11. I've made an gxt application using somne Grids and Lists. I want to give the user the possibility to select and copy any text displayed in a Grid/List. Is this possible to achieve? The default...
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    I'm in need for file upload functionality and I've seen its coming in gxt 1.2. The problem is I need it pretty soon, need to have it implemented in a month or two.

    What's the status on...
  13. I looked at all my other ComboBoxes and it seams like they all work in the same way: Regardless of what item that is currently selected, all the possible items are shown in the dropDown, including...
  14. Still doesn't work (the way I want it). I rewrote my code so that I could found the actual instnce from the ListStore that I want to select. No difference, there are still an extra row in the...
  15. I'm using a ComboBox in GXT 1.1.

    I've created a class, SelectionItemData, that represents an item in the ComboBox. I use ListStore assosiated with the ComboBox and adds a set of SelectionItemData...
  16. But my SOIController is already in its own java-file (, it is not an inner class.

    The SOIController is added to the Registry from its own constructor, using the 'this' keyword....
  17. I use GXT 1.1

    I get a ClasscastException when I try to retreive an instance of a subClass to Controller that I've put in the Registry.

    I developed an application that handles a kind of...
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    I've just got this solution from a friend, so if anyone has the same problem.

    Make an instance of the KeyNav class for the target (in this case the Grid).
    E.g like this:

    KeyNav keyNav...
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    I figured you meant something like this. I still can't get it to work though. Nothing happens when a press the Enter key. I tried to debug but it seams that the event is never fired.

    I must admit...
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    Ok, I try to promot this one once more, because I've seen a lot Grid related questions, so hopefully someone knows this.

    I want to fire a event from a Grid when pressing the Enter key (or any...
  21. I'm using GXT 1.1 on Win2000 IE6

    I experience problems if i resize the IE-window. My application requires the IE window to be maximized to fit in the window. If I make the IE-window smaller and...
  22. Sorry, I will try to provide more info in the future.

    I'm using gxt 1.1 alpha 4 and I had this problem with all the prevoius gxt-builds in Win200 IE6, but with the latest build, downloaded today,...
  23. I use a Tree in a ContentPanel. When the Tree expands so that it is bigger than the ContentPanel, it disapears outside the border. I do not get any scrollbars to navigate and see the end node of the...
  24. I'm using gxt 1.1 alpha 4. With the build from sept 9 my code below worked fine, I could enter any decimal value in my field. But with the latest gxt-build I cannot longer enter a decimal point in...
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    Please help me here. I want to start an action when pressing Enter-key in Grid. How do I do, Grid does not support KeyEvent (when using Table this was easy to do). What am I missing, why is this...
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