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  1. thumbs up for this suggestion.. maybe an "accordion layout"-like solution with C/V/M/S as titles could be even better
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    I'd suggest using an event handler to set up form 'dynamic' default values and/or configs.
    I usually use the activate event of the form panel which is handy because it's fired every time the form...
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    Noticed a couple of imperfections (or it's just me misconceiving those) in the "Latest reputation received" block in my control panel, so here's reporting:

    - it says "(20 points total)" while my...
  4. Just set the "inline" config to true (despite Architect prompting for an object config).
    And if needed, also set

    scrollable: {
    direction: 'horizontal'

    There's no Architect example (but...
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    Actually you can extend the basic spinner and put text in it by overriding its component input type!
    This way you don't have to extend a textfield adding the whole spinner logic ;)

    Here's a quick...
  6. Hi,
    has anyone used SA in a terminal server (windows Remote Desktop Service, Citrix, etc) environment?
    Any thought about this will be very appreciated :)

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