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  1. I could override the constructor of my List to insert the height I wanted:

    constructor: function(config) {
    var me = this;


  2. Having no luck trying to work this in 2.1.1 version :(

    The error I get is in method onItemSwipe where activeEl var is null.

    Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'setVisibilityMode' of null ...
  3. Hi all, I was wondering if anyone has attempted to extend ST's look and feel to native code. Eg: If I use PhoneGap for native API access and say use a plugin like ChildBrowser, I want the navigation...
  4. @webdev13, sorry I am not sure what could possibly be wrong. I am pretty new to using ST2 and PhoneGap.

    I had some weird issues running the app initially. What helped me was

    1. making sure...
  5. I am using PhoneGap 2.4 with ST2.1 and Sencha Cmd 3.0. This is working fine in Windows environment for me. I have not used Architect though.

    The only difference from Brice's video is to use...
  6. Check the video tutorials on here. Pretty good stuff !!!
  7. Fixed the issue. I just had to follow the steps provided here to ensure cordova / phonegap was building properly.
  8. Brice has already answered this if you scroll to the page 2 (i believe)...

    You are probably using newer version of PhoneGap / Cordova (2.3+)..
  9. Brice, excellent tool... just what I was looking for !!!!

    I am set building package in Windows environment for android, one thing I am missing is build.xml file within the build folder. It looks...
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