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  1. was a picnic error, my bad :)
  2. Looks like it has something to do with the Portal I am using from the demo. I am still investigating.
  3. Extjs 4.2.1 I also tested with 4.1.1, the main content is always a panel. I suspected a callback but I disabled them last night and still had the issue. I am going to dig a bit further today.
  4. Hi,

    When I click the X of a closable tab panel it doesnt close, but instead yields this error Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'call' of undefined . The second time it closes. Any ideas?
  5. Looks like it has to do with almost a z-index. Any hints?
  6. Sorry it seems that was a false positive, if I start the dropzones parent with an item that has the dropable then it works.
  7. So did some trial and error. I found if I comment this out then it works how I would expect. Anyone know the issue with this?

    Ext.define('', {
  8. Hi I have a Droppable I created that defines a DropTarget

    Ext.define('Ext.gtweb.Droppable', {
    constructor: function(config) {
    Ext.apply(this, config);
  9. Hi,

    I have a case where im creating a Window popup with a tree grid on it. I then have a function that moves this from the window and puts it in another panel. The tree works until I close the...
  10. 4.2.2 wasnt a gpl release
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    Is there a way I can tell a lazy tree node to update itself? Right now I am doing

    node.set('loaded', false);
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    Yes thanks for the example, but according to the docs unless I build with cmd I can't get the new charts. Is that inaccurate?
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    Why is there a requirement on sencha cmd. I think this is the worst part of 5.0. Why cant I just include JS libs and start coding?
  14. Hi,

    We use extjs internally here, we upgraded to 4.2.1 but have seen so many errors and the most recent release doesnt fix the problems. Is the extjs 4 series EOL? We are trying to go to 5.0 but...
  15. What version was this fixed in? It still does not work with the most recent 4.2.x download. Is there a patch I can apply to fix it here?
  16. When I load a remote node it will not collapse. If you hook the following code up to a remote server you will only be able to expand the nodes and never collapse them. The folder doesn't update...
  17. Hi, we have some internal data that we cannot post outside to servers. Is there a way we can run a copy of whatever the sencha servers do for chart exporting locally?
  18. I have a need to update a datagrid that is buffered. I have a websocket that listens for data and I keep my grids in sync. To achieve this in 4.1.1 I ended up just clearing the page map whenever I...
  19. I subscribe to data on the javascript end and want to keep the grid updated. When I use the normal Datagrid unbuffered its pretty straight forward to insert the record since the javascript applies...
  20. So this is a little misleading of a title. The actual buffered datagrid is fine, I however have a hack so I can update its records of the store. I think I am missing something though. If the records...
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    I have been trying to find an event I can attach to a tab panel to tell me when one of its items gets removed. I havent had any luck. I would prefer to attach an event here rather than the tab...
  22. so apprently it was caused by including that neptune js fix. all good now
  23. I have set collapsible:True on an Ext.panel.Panel but the icon isnt showing up. What am I missing?

    Ext.onReady(function() {
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    I have a need to add at times ~10 new elements to a single panel. This have proven to be very slow

    I am using the .add() method on the parent panel. To speed this up I have found I can just create...
  25. I looked at what prune() does and just created my own method to clearPages doing similiar logic.

    I did look at purgePageCount but it didnt seem to work how I needed it. If there is a proper method...
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